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Doom: EXPLOSIVE Edition

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Hello Doomers!

Have you ever found that Doom doesn't have enough explosions and rocket launchers? Wouldn't you want to see the world exploding? Well now you can, with Doom Explosive Edition. It can work with both Doom 1 and Doom 2 (Although some enemies from Doom 1 use some Doom 2 projectiles or attacks, so these will be invisible) with a ZDooM source port (I tested using GZDoom, I don't know if its going to be compatible with others)

There is a big list of changes, so let's get going!



-You start with 10 Rockets and a Rocket Launcher.

-You are immune to splash damage (Mainly to compensate for most weapons and most enemies using Rockets as an attack)


The Weapons

Fist and Chainsaw: No modifications.


Rocket Launcher: No direct modifications, however it is your starting weapon and it is now in Slot 2 (Where the pistol usually is)


Sluge Shotgun: Replaces the Shotgun. It still uses shells as ammo (Although their texture have been changed) and it uses 4 of them each time you pull the trigger. It shoots two Plasma shots, one regular shotgun blast and one Rocket quickly. Graphics from here.


Sluge Rifle mk.2: Replaces the Super Shotgun. Same ammo as usual, albeit each time you pull the trigger you consume 11 shells. Believe me, its worth it. You will shoot 4 rockets AND 7 plasma shots (!) each time at a very fast rate, tearing through your opponents. Same graphical origin of the Sluge Shotgun.


Super Chaingun: Replaces the Chaingun, and is the only weapon that consumes clips in this mod. It may consume 4 clips per shot, but it is identical to the Spider Mastermind's chaingun (AKA a Fast-rate shotgun). Graphic comes from the Extreme Weapon pack.


Nintendo Zapper (You heard me right) : Replaces the Pistol, albeit it is in Slot 5 and not available from the start. Archviles and Wolfenstein SS drop them and they use 9 cells each time you fire. It unleashes 3 railgun rays. For such a cheap ammo price, it is definitely worth it. Graphics made by my friend Scare.JPEG#0306 on Discord.


BFG-10k: Replaces the Plasma Gun. Very simple. Costs 69 cells per shot (Not intentional just realizing this now) and 40 HP. Better be careful. Now what does it do? It launches 22 shots of the Press Release BFG and a single regular BFG shot. Same graphic origin as the Sluge Shotgun and Sluge Rifle mark 2.


Unmaker: Replaces the BFG-9000. THE most op weapon. I won't tell you what it does so you can get the surprise yourself while playing, but be aware of three things.

-It takes a LOT of Cell Ammo (It gives you 300 when picking it up however)

-It will do 99 damage to you after the attack is done.

-If you dont have enough ammo left mid-attack, you will have to wait for the weapon to finish trying to fire again before switching weapons and you still take the damage after that.

-BONUS: Graphic comes from Doom 64.


The Demons (and Humans)

Right now you must be telling yourself this is just another one of these pointless mods that give you OP weapons. You are WRONG! The reason I am giving you all these OP weapons, is to deal with the upgraded demons. I did say this mod was explosive, eh?


General Changes: Most enemies have boosted health.


Zombieman: Uses a Rocket Launcher. End of changes.


Shotgun Guy: No longer wields a shotgun, he fires two rockets AND he is immune to splash damage. Drops the Sluge Shotgun.


Chaingunner: Uses the Arachnotron's plasma attack, but slower than he would use his chaingun. Drops the Super Chaingun.


Imp: Ohh boy, this one is gonna be tough. Uses his usual fireball attack (or claw) and two rockets. Immune to splash damage.


Pinky and Spectre: Use the Revenant's punch attack instead of their bite. Simple.


Hell Knight: Tough guy indeed. They as much HP as a Baron normally has, they will use their own attack before launching three rockets right after. Featuring no immunity to splash damage!


Cacodemon: No longer uses their attack and instead uses 5 rockets in a quick succession. Very dangerous. If you do manage to kill them they drop a Stimpack. How nice?


Lost Soul and Pain Elemental: No changes, so dust them with your upgraded arsenal.


Arachnotron: Uses their plasma gun like the player normally would. NOW we're talking! Drops a cell.


Mancubus: RAGE TABLE. They might drop a Shell Box, they also attack you 6 times in a row before stopping for a moment.


Baron of Hell: Instead of just taking the Hell Knight and adding more health to them, they launch three fireballs/claw you and fire two rockets. Way more deadly.


Archvile: They will target you and do their attack FOUR TIMES (!) after charging. This might sound like instant death, but remember you are immune to splash damage which is the main danger of their attack. They drop the Nintendo Zapper upon dying.


Revenant:AAAAA indeed. Same as always, but they fire two normal rockets after their own. Interesting stuff.


Wolfenstein SS: You all laughed at him and discouraged his presence in maps, now he's taking back his revenge. They chase you like an archvile, use a Railgun attack once before pausing and then shooting you with the might of a Chaingunner. Oh and just to fuck you even more over, they learned how to turn into Archviles for a brief moment and they will revive their buddies. They do drop the Nintendo Zapper however, making them a trusty source of cell ammo.



Spider Mastermind: Finally gets an upgrade! They will at first shoot a Super Shotgun blast, then 8 regular pistol/chaingun shots before looping the process. Don't stand too close. EVER.


Cyberdemon: I'm not gonna spoil it to you, but you are going to hate him.


Download and More info

The mod can be downloaded here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/617y4ry71nk1fag/RocketEdition.pk3/file

I hope you will enjoy playing it. NOTE: I cannot guarantee you will be able to beat certain levels due to the boosted monsters. Now onto some screenshots!












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