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jDoom with other Wads!?

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I'm assuming you mean, how can you play a wad with JDoom, Right?

Anyways, with Jdoom, it's quite simple actually...

Firstly, You Do have Doomsday Kickstart launcher, right? if you do, then follow the following...

When you run Doomsday Kickstart, on the main front window, you will see a big window with all the main Iwads that you placed in the installation of Doomsday and Jdoom. Firstly, select an Iwad by clicking on it once...

You then will notice that it will have a box to the right show somehthing like this... Lets say you selected 'DOOM II'..The window should show the directory eg: Data\jDoom\Doom2.wad ..Thats the main Iwad there, you will notice it has a checked off box to the left of it, keep that checked off.

Next, click the Add... Button under the window I just talked about...

Then search for the wad file you want eg: AV.wad and click Open, and that will select the wad into the box, then to play it, make sure the wad is selected by having the check in the box to the left of it, and the correct Iwad are selected, then click play, (seen at the bottom right corner of the main window)..

You will then notice it ask you about the glBSP ...Run this on the wad, you have to run this on a wad for it to be able to be played... but note, this is for levels, Im a bit vague on weapon and sprite mods tho.

After Running glBSP on the wad, it should automaticly load it :D

I hope that helps, But I'm also kinda new to Jdoom so, ya, if you have troubles, hopefully someone more experienced can help you.

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Yeah, do that...

Any source port can play any wad provided it has no port specific features (well it will play them, but they won't work properly)

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