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Looking for midi artists for Greenwar3

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I'm looking for a midi artist who might want to make some tracks for Greenwar3. I'm looking for tracks in the style of Vangelis and Stranger Things, (but with a Doomy twist, of course). 


EDIT: music in the style of The Mandalorian would also be really cool: Play this clip at 1.5X speed, it will take on a more Doomy vibe that way. 1.25X also sounds good. Normal speed sounds too cinematic, though. 


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Here is a good little music byte you can use for inspiration or as a base when coming up with eery, atmospheric, doomy  music for GW3! :) 

Don't worry, there will be plenty of weapons in GW3


This one also would make a good base for a doomy deathmatch track:

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