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Industrial Outpost, a 2048x2048 remake (now available on /idgames)

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Hello everyone,




Industrial Outpost is a remake of my map Isolated Outpost (MAP04) from 2048 Unleashed. For this remake, i mainly took inspiration from the other maps from the 2048 Unleashed megawad like how they best use the 2048x2048 area or creating an environment and even putting monsters outside of the playable area. The 2048x2048 limitation was also my main issue as some places can feel cramped and easily becoming too crowded with monsters. If I make a new map, I will not use this limitation or any other imposed limitations.


This is a limit-removing map (-complevel 2) for Doom 2. It has a linear progression with a secret alternate path and a rather medium length, a first playthrough should take between 10 to 20 minutes. The difficulties are set, the general difficulty is rather easy maybe medium. The map has co-op support with player starts and multiplayer monsters, though I advise to allow item respawn. Fun fact, the multiplayer only monsters were meant for single player but I found it made the map too crowded and the first half harder.


Some other screenies :





Although the screenshots are old, very few modifications have been made on what you see, so this is pretty much what you can expect.


I consider this release as a beta, any feedback is appreciated.


Download link : indupost.zip


Edit :

The final version of the map is available on /idgames : download link

Edited by Malrionn

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Anyone ?


I'll wait a bit. If no modification is needed, I will consider this version final and upload it to /idgames.

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Played now on skill 2 and Gzdoom 3.7.2, didn't find any game-breaking bug, just some item placement error like a unreachable (at least for me) medikit up the climbing crate room, there's also this CRATWIDE texture that clashes a little bit for me (instead, i think it will be better a CRATE3 texture).


Overall, pretty solid level, looks bigger than it's map area size, reminds me a lot of TNT MAP11! I liked it!

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Thanks for the feedback Walter.


There is no item that is unreachable, although where your screenshot show the texture clash, there are two tricky jumps which are not easy but possible to do. These two jumps are how you can get some items (ammo and medikit/armor), and to have the access to a secret door.


I will fix the crate texture clash, and if nothing else needs to be changed, I will upload the map to /idgames.

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The map is now available on /idgames, you can find the link either below or in the OP.


/idgames download : link


Changelog :



- Fixed the crate texture clash.

- The secret door with the blue marks takes a bit longer to be definitely closed.


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I gave this a quick try just some minutes ago. "Quick" is an understatement since it took me over 20 minutes because of a damned switch I somehow overlooked. Then I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the BK or open any of the little walls on top of the crates mazes, and I hit some switches I had no idea what they did (one hidden behind a tall pile of crates close to the start, another was a shootable slimefall??), so I went to the exit with a low score. But whatever, it was fun, like Walter said pretty much in the vein of TNT's map 11 indoors only more pleasantly detailed. Maybe on a replay I'll get that blue key.

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