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Mods for LZDOOM for ultimate doom

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Hey I currently only have Ultimate doom from GOG and my pc cant run GZDOOM but it can run LZDOOM and im looking for suggestions for mods to play and waste time during this pandemic. I  appreciate the help

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You want to play new levels for the Ultimate Doom or gameplay mods?


New levels for the Ultimate Doom:


If you wanted gameplay mods, check this forum. I don't know if these mods will run with doom1. So, I suggest you to purchase Doom 2. It gives you the full experience of classic Doom and its mods.

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Highway Acceleroid Booster by TerminusEst13

The best redone soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (Just IDKFAv2.wad.  I have not tried to see if Brutal Doom is compatible with these maps/mods).


Those three all are compatible together.   I recommend checking out E7M3 of D1EntHng with them all loaded, though I should make a version of that map specially tailored for Acceleroid.



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Most if not all gameplay mods that run in GZDoom should be able to run perfectly in LZDoom

Anyway, most of the recomendations above are top tier, I think you should definitively try out Doom the way Id did and its Lost Episodes, they're hella fun

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