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Terminator Player Classes!(BETA)

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I was working on a wad, and i decided it would be cool to play as a terminator so i made a wad based off of that idea!

there are 5 player classes T1000, t800,t800 endoskeleton, t600 endoskeleton, and finally doom marine. Haven't tested it out in multiplayer yet.  The T800 hands hud is messed up for some reason.
made the terminator hands and the blade for the T1000.
T800 class uses the AUTOGUN not made by me
and the T600 uses the Heavy chaingun also found at



screenshot 1.png

screenshot 2.png





TTHOB0 - Copy.png










Edited by SkeletronMK666 : wanted to add more description to the content and add a reference to real 667 for the guns used in my mod

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OK so i updated the Player classes a little, the T1000 starts off with the knife hand out and i fixed the sprite for the t800Endoskeleton "Firing", i also added the .45longslide pistol to the t800 player class.

Furthermore i want people to play this on single and multiplayer and find errors and let me know if there are any.
and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! ;D
EDIT: i updated the wad again, i added a new "fist" punch attack to the "t800player", and a new gun: the "45landslide"


Edited by SkeletronMK666 : updated wad, and added new features

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