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USQC Friday Night Survival #42: TNT Evilution (Part I) - ZDaemon

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For our journey through the original Doom levels, we have reached Final Doom! We will be playing through part 1 of TNT! Join us tonight to relive the classic Final Doom experience, or if you have never played, come check it out!


Date: May 22, 2020

Time: 8:00PM CDT


Skill: Ultra-Violence


Maps: 1-15,31,32

Players: 25/32


To keep up with The USQC, join the USQC Discord

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 I missed this one last night! I thought why don't I go and check to see if USQC was putting another Friday Night on, but decided not to.


You could just imagine, missed a one-time-only USQC Evilution rotation! It's a Spidey-Sense thing, I know it. I had so much fun at [USQC] DOOM ][, I know I missed out on a good one.






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I saw you made it to part 2, too bad it wasn't a very populated session :(

We hold things each week for DM on Wednesdays and Survival on Fridays. Feel free to stop by :)

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