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Nightshift v1.6 (A survival-horror Doom mod)

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Hello everyone, welcome once again to one of my mods (the 9th, to be more precise). During these days and months i've not been uploading any updates and bugfixes to my mods, many things in life started to get in the way, and i didn't quite had the guts to work older things. But when working personal patches, mainly for Factotum (another survival horror mod i have), something started to roll the gears. It was Nightshift.


Nightshift is a weapons/gameplay mod for GZDoom/LZDoom/QZDoom only that aims to be a survival horror experience, making things harder, intensifying encounters, encouraging resource management and set you in a lower ambience rather than the usual heavy metal. But you don't have to count only on your wits and your luck! Nightshift is the smallest weapons mod i've ever uploaded so far, but ironically it is very much complete. You can choose to play this in Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, Hacx 2.0 and even Chex Quest!


You can customize the probability of your ammo spawns, which weapons to start with, if you want the damn ambience or not, visual and overall aesthetic effects, weapon behaviour, items behaviour, and i can't believe i've done so much CVARS in a mod under 4MBs!

Although your arsenal is limited, weapons are very stronger than usual, so if you decide to scavenge for ammo in order to have a more exciting gameplay, the firepower won't make you feel like you are wasting bullets. If you are already thinking on which mods to play this with, i can already tell: Dark ambience mods, fog mods, moody music, any kind of atmospheric add on can enhance your times with Nightshift, either this or guaranteed your money back!




Nightshift has only one weapon per ammo type. Yes, FOUR weapons is all you've got. But they all fill their functions with efficiency.


0 - Your Kick



Pretty much one of the things i can't play without, you can customize a quick melee button in your options. It's not a standalone weapon, so you don't need to alternate between slots to kick someone. The draw time is fast and the damage output is rather high, better if used to get you out of tight situations, so try not to rely too much
on it to avoid risking your life.

0 - HE Grenades



Pocket devices of destruction that can be thrown at any time with a single button press! Just like the kick and the altfires for weapons that have it, the grenades need to be bound in the options to be used. As unrealistic as it can be, the explosion can be weaker than a full-power shotgun blast, but this is no reason for you to juggle them around! The grenades are extremely powerful, so keep your safe distance, use them in tight crowds and open spaces!

If by any chance you started the throw but want to cancel it, just swap weapons around and you should be fine.


Ammo Reserve: 5/10

1 - Crowbar


"A Heavy tool, can be used with multiple purposes."

The melee-dedicated weapon. Deals slightly less damage than the kick. Better used to save ammo.

2 - SIG Sauer P220


"A single stack 22LR pistol, holds 10 shots. Made in Germany."

Pretty much all there is to it. It's your starting weapon, a trusty partner and your only pistol. Save it for smaller monsters or use it to put bigger monsters out of their misery. Can alternate between single action for better accuracy and lower power, or double action for lower accuracy and higher power.


Ammo Reserve: 60/90

3 - Franchi PA3/345


"Italian-made shotgun, holds 6 shots. Comes with a front grip to reduce recoil and the necessary strength to pump."

A late partner to join your arsenal, but a very welcome one. The Shotgun has the upsides of being the most deadly hitscan weapon, having fast action and making every shot count. Good placed shots can take high tier enemies away with ease. The downsides include high loading time, low ammo capacity and ammo scarcity (depending on your personal configration). Replaces the Plasma Rifle and the BFG9000. Has no altfires.


Ammo Reserve: 24/36

3 - L85A2 Assault Rifle


"Main rifle carried by the British army, chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO. Holds 30+1 rounds."

This "Ugly Duckling" of bullpup assault rifles is probably the weapon you'll use more as the game progresses. Has great precision and power output, with the only downside probably being the fast ammo consumption, regardless what fire rate you choose on options.


Versatile, can be used for individual takedowns or large groups by just alternating between Semi-Automatic or Full-Automatic. Firing on semi-auto gives you higher accuracy and firepower, at the cost of a very low fire rate. Firing on full-auto allows you to unleash the rage at the cost of precision and power, so, it's better used on close to medium quarters. Replaces the Shotgun and the Super Shotgun.


Ammo Reserve: 90/120

M2A1 Flamethrower


"Old flamethrower dated from the second world war. Uses a mixed fuel to set fire on targets with more efficiency. Made in the USA."

The deadliest weapon in the arsenal, this flamethrower can solve most troubles with no sweat. Recommended for slower bosses or bullet sponges that need to be fired up. The list of downsides can be bitter to the taste, but don't be scared; As long as you know how to use it safely (and it's not your latest resource), you will be fine. The high power is balanced by the high reload time, movement crippling (which can be toggled on options) and projectile range, making this a explicit close-quarters weapon. Has no altfires.


Ammo Reserve: 180/270





The items in Nightshift are pretty much the same as in vanilla, although... with a few differences. Some of them alter the gameplay, but nothing that may degrade the experience. You want to keep items in your inventory so you can use them later? You can! Want to leave everything as in vanilla behaviour? You can! Want some of them to be inventory based and others to be instantly activated, such as that radiation suit when you have only 1 HP left? You can!

Everything can be toggled with the magic of the CVARs, all you need to do is go to the "Extras" menu. To list the main differences, here's a small guide:

  • Berserk only heals 50 HP, only one can be carried.
  • Soulsphere heals 100 HP as usual, to a max of 150 only.
  • The armor in Nightshift protects you with a 50% rate, and 100 points, both pickups.
  • There is no Megasphere replacer, but rather the same medikit as the Soulsphere pickup.
  • Ammunition backpacks don't double the capacity, but rather add 50% more, as it can be seen on the "Weapons" section.
  • There are no health/armor bonuses in nightshift. Instead they have a chance* of spawning grenades, as well as in chainsaw spots, where you get three at once.
  • The Blursphere is replaced with the Double Damage; Obvious name aside, this is the only powerup that won't reset your timer once another one is picked up/used, but rather it will add to the total second count.

All non-mentioned items/powerups pretty much behave as vanilla, with the exception they can be added to the inventory or not, it all depends on your choice.

*Grenade spawns can also be toggled in the options.





Just like the items, your player is rather more human than the average Doomguy. For starters, you'll notice the movement is slower, but nothing that'll make running from monsters a hard task. Shooting with weapons decrease your overall speed, but they reset everytime they go idle. If by any chance you get under 10 HP, the screen will blink and a heartbeat will be heard, and your movement will be crippled. So you better find a stimpack soon enough to recover your senses!

Crouching in the game grants you a higher accuracy bonus with all hitscan weapons, so it would be advised to turn it on in "Gameplay Options" (where they usually are set to deafult). Jumping is higher than usual, because this game is also compatible with Hexen.






AS ALWAYS, it's good to remind:
I don't want to leave any names outta this. I am not a freeloader, and if i had
forgot you, or credited the wrong person, PLEASE, tell me and i'll update this
list as soon as possible or as a new update is on the way.

Special Thanks, support and inspiration:

- YukesVonFaust, CaptainJ, Pawel Dzierzan, TypicalSF and potetobloke: for taking
their time to provide awesome weapon and item sprites which i always get around
to edit and try to bring something outta them.

- TerminusEst13: For making Harder Event, the main inspiration for the mod,
being a cool fella, and for authorizing me to use his coding skills.

- Chronoteeth and iSpook: For respectively creating and porting
Shut up and Bleed to GZDoom, a mod that draws lots of inspiration from
Resident Evil and survival horror elements, and iSpook for also making
Hellkrieger, which inspired with nifty ideas.

- Jekyll Grim Payne and LedIris: For providing some of the bases for my coding
which i studied, copied, learned, applied and used for so long. I wouldn't ever
be able to pull off what i did without there guys.

- ZikShadow, YukesVonFaust, MrTaterz, DabbSquidward, jdredalert, GoldenMobster,
BlackRockShooter, Vostyok, potetobloke and many others: Beta testing and feedback.

- My Wife and my Cat: For taking me out of any bad feelings, always reminding me
i am at home.


SIG Sauer P220: YukesVonFaust(Base sprite), TypicalSF (Sleeves), potetobloke
(decocked hammer edit) Me (Firing frames, Powerslave edited hands, centered
hammer cock, resizing sleeves, glueing it all together).

Franchi PA3/345: CaptainJ (Base sprite), TypicalSF (Sleeves),
YukesVonFaust (Enhanced reloading/pumping frames), Pawel Dzierzan
(Edited blood hands), Me (Firing frames, removing shell carrier, resizing sleeves,
glueing it all together).

Enfield SA80/L85A2: YukesVonFaust (Base Sprite), TypicalSF (Sleeves),
Battlefield Wiki (Pickup sprite), Zackdoessomething (firing frame bolt edits)
Me (Firing frames, editing and recoloring reloading frames, resizing sleeves
and pickup, glueing it all together)

M2A1 Flamethrower: CaptainJ/Pawel Dzierzan (Base/Edit sprites), TypicalSF (Sleeves),
Ultimate Torment and Torture (flame sprites), YukesVonFaust (blue flame recoloring)
Killing Time (Pickup and Ammunition sprites), Me (Firing frames, rotating sprite to
centered position, resizing sleeves, editing ammo and pickups glueing it all together).

Hand Grenades: Assault Cube 2: Sauerbaten (PC), ripped by Captain J. Throwing hands
from Blood (PC) and Powerslave/Exhumed (PC). Sleeves by TypicalSF, resized and edited
by me.

Kick Sprites: Duke Nukem 64 (Nintendo 64) and a boot ripped by Sgt. Shivers.


Casing Sounds: Doom 3 (Pistol and Shotgun) and Fallout 3 (Assault Rifle).
Both games by Bethesda.

SIG Sauer P220: Navarro and Magmacow (Mixed and submitted by YukesVonFaust),
Alliance of Valiant Arms (Reloads and etc)
Ragnarok (Online MMO) for cocking sound
Wolfenstein: The New Order (bring up sound)

Franchi PA3/345: CaptainJ (Firing, pumping and loading sounds),
Wolfenstein: The New Order (bring up sound)
Alliance of Valiant Arms (the rest)

Enfield SA80/L85A2: S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Alliance of Valiant Arms and Battlefield 3: (Firing Sounds)
(Battlefield 3 echo is used on the Semi-auto version),
Alliance of Valiant Arms and Killing Floor (Reloads and etc)
Wolfenstein: The New Order (bring up sound)

M2A1 Flamethrower: Killing Floor (PC), Fallout 3 (PC),
Call of Duty: World at War (PC) and The Thing (PC)


Medikits: All medikits (Stimpack, Medikit, Berserk and Soul/Megasphere) by
Captain J (Deathmatch Classic model rips) edited by me, since there were two
medikits only).

Armor: Edited from a Resident Evil Gaiden reimagination of items in HD.
Unfortunately i don't have the author name at hand, but i believe the forum
is Tapatalk. Any information you got is useful.

Pistol Clip: Shadow Warrior (PC), resized and recolored by me.
Pistol Box: Captain J, upscaled manually to 2x, so it could fit the clip sprite.
Rifle Magazine: Terminator: Future Shock (PC), edited and recolored by me.
Rifle Box: Doom 64 (Nintendo 64) and Wolfenstein 3D (Panasonic 3DO), recolored and edited by me.
Fuel Cannister(s): Killing Time (Panasonic 3DO), barely edited by me.
Shotgun Shell: Tomb Raider: Chronicles (PlayStation), and Duke Nukem 3D.
Shotgun Shellbox: Ceejay for the belt basis and Tomb Raider: Chronicles (PlayStation)
Hand Grenades: Assault Cube 2: Sauerbaten, ripped by Captain J.

Nightvision: Doom 64, imported by me.
Blueprint: Medal of Honor (PlayStation): Edited from a screenshot made by me.
Invulnerability: Crash Bandicoot 3 (Game Boy Advance), edited by me.
Double Damage: Resident Evil: Survivor (PlayStation)
Radiation Protection: Fallout Tactics (PC)


General pickup sounds: Disruptor (PlayStation)

Ammo/weapon pickup sounds: Wolfenstein: The New Order
(PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/PC) ripped by Torridgristle, edited by me.
Medikit sounds: Medal of Honor (PlayStation) for small sound and
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (PlayStation) big sound. Ripped by me.

Powerup "use" sounds: All sounds from Parasite Eve 3: The 3rd Birthday.
Sounds ripped by torridgristle.


Fonts: Silent Hill (PlayStation). Ripped by some saint at the old Alchemilla Hospital site.
Health/Armor bar: Independence Day (PlayStation). Armor bar is just the same health bar,
but cut in half and recolored.
Rate of Fire Marker: Vagrant Story (PlayStation). Ripped by me.


Spawn: The Eternal (PlayStation), ripped by me using both Audacity and JPSXDec.


Bulletstorm (PC). Downloaded from "Soundsresource.Com". The game has more than
2.000 sounds, its worth to check it out.


Extracted, edited and enhanced from Quake 4 (PC) by me.
Elevator stop sound from Wolfenstein: The New Order (PlayStation 3/PC)


Found in the mapset "Nevasca", edited by me (i only had cut out the bottom).


Spawner code by TerminusEst13 (which in turn based himself on the Acid Rain
code from DoomRPG) for his mod Harder Event. Snow code by Tormentor667,
submitted to Realm667, and improved by Ceeb.

Sound from Bulletstorm, edited by me.

Sprites by Tormentor667, submitted to Realm667.


Marty Kirra (Cardboard Marty), Pillowblaster and HorrorMovieGuy,
used and created with authorization by YukesVonFaust


Gangstar Vegas by Gameloft and Will Rock, ripped by YukesVonFaust.
Footsteps sounds from The Thing game (PC), downloaded on "Soundsresource.Com".
Water and some grass footsteps edited from
Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena (PC/XBox?).


- Corpse decal spawners by Gifty
- Hexen Startup by Endie

-In progress-

Guess that's it. Everything else should be credited to me,
and if not, i apologize for my poor memory and i'll fix this document
as soon as possible. No thefts intented here.






Nightshift is an atmospheric game after all. So downloading a few ambient mods may expand the experience beyond the scope!


Ambience Sounds by me!
Disruptor texture pack by me!

Dark Doom by Caligari87
Immerse by Josh771
Ambience Music by Hellstorm Archon***
Simple HUD Addons by Tekish
Numerous Monster packs!


***Don't forget to turn the music back on in the Extra Menu!





Gameplay by A Heretic's Doom on Chex Quest!


Gameplay by ThatOneDoomKid


Gameplay by Ferretmanjcdenton



Gameplay by Tyrant120






Enough talk, have fun!!!

Edited by GAA1992

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Hello, just coming by to announce this mod was updated!


Among the big changes, the options menu was reverted back to its original form, a fog system was added, and the Tonfa Baton is back as an optional starting melee weapon.


Link is on first post, have fun!

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Just updating this thread in thanks to ICARUSLIV3S, who made a video with Nightshift.



And to bump it, so other users can ignore it at will.



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