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in how many levels does the unmaker appear in doom 64?

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i got it in the second secret level, map 29 outpost omega, but I haven’t used it much since then because I like to play in a way that I like to call “soft pistol start” where I try to use the weapons in the different areas to try to guage what weapons the developers had in mind for being intended to handle a particular area. I know that all the levels in the game were built with the idea of pistol starting, so is it intended for the unmaker to be used often throughout?

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I did a bit of research so I could be mistaken, but it appears four times in the main campaign:


MAP12 (Altar of Pain)

MAP23 (Unholy Temple - Secret)

MAP28 (The Absolution)

MAP29 (Outpost Omega - Secret Map)




You collect demon keys via the secret levels, which upgrade the Unmaker weapon over the course of the campaign, implying the weapon is meant to be upgraded and used in other levels outside of those that it appears in.

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22 hours ago, LucidLocomotive said:

so is it intended for the unmaker to be used often throughout?

The base Unmaker is trash - except the projectile is semi-hitscan.

Level 1, it deals slightly better DPS than plasma rifle.

Level 2, it fires 2 semi-hitscan laser at an even higher firerate.

Level 3, you can stunlock everything with it (+laser autoaiming)


So yes, by playing continously (through the secret maps), you will be rewarded with the game's ultimate weapon.

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