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The GLDNHELL Music Packs

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So as a result of having more free time during the quarantine, I've gotten back into Doom mapping. I haven't made anything quite good enough to release yet, but looking into the custom music situation for when I do revealed it to be... not the best. My options seemed to consist of "use stolen video game music or MP3s" or "use community-made MIDIs," and frankly, using MIDIs in 2020 seemed like... maybe not the best solution when GZDoom takes .ogg files perfectly fine.


And then I remembered that hey, I have musical talent, I know how to use Ableton, so why not just make some stuff. And then I got lost in making music and ended up more interested in doing that than making levels, for the moment.


So here's three packs, with 10 "level-appropriate" tracks (that can also be repurposed for a title theme if necessary) and one short intermission track apiece. They're deliberately long enough to be usable for one Ultimate Doom episode in its entirety, saving one track for the title, or for one "episode" of Doom II with a reused title theme, and they're already available in .ogg format, ready to go, for anyone who wants to use them in their maps.




This pack is inspired by the more somber sounds of Doom, and of some of the media that inspired it; analogue synthesizers, gloomy soundscapes and ominous basslines dominate the 11 tracks within.


Artists inspired by: Aubrey Hodges, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi
Use for WADs like: Eternal Doom, Diabolus Ex, Extermination Day




This pack is essential if you want to inject a dose of 90s electronica into your Doom project. Inspired by such soundtracks as the Streets of Rage series and Wipeout 2097, this pack covers all the bases, from funky jazz-house to hard, mechanical techno to chaotic jungle drum n' bass. There's even a full-on modern progressive house track and a hip-hop beat thrown in there, just for fun. If you want an eclectic, urban, danceable feel for your project, look no further.


Artists inspired by: Yuzo Koshiro, The RZA, countless unknown artists
Use for WADs like: Action Doom 2: Urban Brawl, Reelism, Hellbound




This pack goes into the most familiar territory of all for Doom: metal. It attempts to get across the death and carnage of Hell through the medium of driving, in-your-face guitars. If you're looking for angry metal for your WAD and nothing else seems to cut it, try this one on for size.


Artists inspired by: Mick Gordon, KMFDM, Ministry, Fear Factory
Use for WADs like: really, basically anything, metal just sort of generally fits Doom




Before you download, a bit of legalese: These music packs are free to use in any project related to the id Software games Doom (1993), The Ultimate Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, or Final Doom, along with any related game that GZDoom is capable of running, inclusive (examples would include Raven Software's Heretic and Hexen). If you use them in a WAD, please include appropriate credits for the music in your text file, for example: "This WAD uses GLDNHELL's music packs, with permission from the composer." along with providing a link back to this forum thread or the ZDoom Forums thread. If you use them in a Youtube video or similar, please include a similar line and link back in the description.


These music packs are NOT free to use for any purpose unrelated to the classic Doom games, or to redistribute in a context unrelated to those games without permission. If you would like to do so, please contact me directly and we can potentially work something out.


Download OGG from MEGA


This download option will always be available for these packs, and provides them in relatively compact, GZDoom-friendly OGG Vorbis format for free.


Purchase from Bandcamp


This is offered as a separate alternative option, meant simultaneously to offer the tracks in a format more suitable for personal listening, to offer a medium for previewing the tracks without downloading them, and finally, to potentially earn me a little extra cash. I'll be frank, I've been kind of broke lately, and it's been hard making ends meet; I will never require anyone to pay money in order to download the GZDoom-friendly versions of these packs, or of any future packs, and the OGG Vorbis versions are properly tagged for external listening, but if you'd like to help out, purchasing some or all of the packs on here definitely accomplishes that.

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