Hey guys! So after my first mapping experience with Djinn, and after realizing about the many flaws it had, i decided to work on another project. Most of you won't know anything about Djinn, let's just say it was a 25 maps megawad which involved a schizofrenic named Snail trying to find his other half, killing the demons inside him.   Djinn was the mind trip of a mental inside an asylum, which finally led to his silent death. Happy is Metempsychosis, a post-mortem trip which is Snail's search for Peace.   Being a new mapper i'm always in search of good advices, as i'm still learning and trying to understand the mechanics. If you play this wad and think that something is unfair or badly designed just tell me with no remorse, i will surely think about it and fix what possible. As usual i am working on this alone with the only help of my brother as first tester and "swearer" (neologism i guess).   TESTED ON: GZdoom latest version, this wad doesn't work with other ports and i don't think i ll be able to ever change that, i am sorry...       "...Beyond the Abyss a whispering hiss.
Again i was drowning in the vortex divine,
again my torch ceased to shine.
So dark her temple started to crumble,
barely i survived the second tunnel.
I knocked at her door and i was opened inside,
my precious Goddess of Suicide.
Never will pain leave me and end,
once i'll be able to comprehend."       LINK TO THE WAD:https://www.dropbox.com/s/zeozgq2op70hdrj/Happybeta0.8.wad?dl=1     PLEASE NOTE: 1) Nothing, i forgot 2) fuck i forgot again.....  oh yeah i remember: with the exception of a handful of outdoors maps the rest is linear, i like linear gameplay and i hate when i get lost. So i decided to build straightforward maps mostly centered on encounters. 3) Wad now supports Hmp and lower difficulties as well, but don't expect it to be that easy anyway. 4) there was a hole here, now it's gone. 5) How can i be free? How can i get out? Am i really me? Am i someone else? 6) It's in the past now 7) Don't play this wad if you hate archviles, i love them. a lot. But after Bridgeburner56 said "archvile overusage" (yes he truly said that) i decided to remove some of them, I REALLY DID! 8)  i'm using custom sprites for the following monsters: Zombieman, Sergeant, chaingunner, revenant, arachnotron, lost soul, mancubus, cyberdemon and spider mastermind. Keep in mind that they are very simlar to the original ones, and they act the same. I'm also using weapon reskins, most of them are from MagicDoom by MagicSofa (under his permission of course), the others were made by me. 9) There are a couple of custom monsters, one is recurrent (and for a reason), the other ones are bosses and appear just once. 10) all custom textures were taken from realm667 and will properly credited in the main file once the wad is published 11) Music consist of various midis found on the net, some are black and death metal tracks, some come from videogames from the past (to name a few: Suikoden, Alundra, Legend of Dragoon). Everything will be properly credited when the wad is published.       EPISODE ONE: Metem-Psychosis   Snail is in Limbo, where Djinn ended. Someone, or something, is reclaiming his soul.   1) Where Dead Demons Lied 2) You'll Never see the Sun again!!! 3) Limbus Puerorum 4) Thy Black Light 5) The Defilers   EPISODE TWO: Daath   When Snail had to choose if to climb up or jump down, he decided to jump down. Death stole his eyes and hid them in the bowels of the world.   6) To die once more 7) I am one 8) To be reborn 9) City of Solitude 10) Death pierce me 11) Crypt of Insomnia 12) Ad Astra   EPISODE THREE: Slumber   After closing the three eyes Snail fell uncounscious for six days. Time to reminisce a past long forgotten.   13) Close to close to Dog 14) Aimaphobia 15) Craken 16) Suicide Craving 17) Aria 18) Close to God   EPISODE FOUR: Tohu Wa-Bohu   With a new found self-awareness Snail decided to face the Necromancer.   19) Stasis Lost 20) Prison of Mirrors 21) Nexus 22) Inhale Disaster 23) The Black Worm   EPISODE FIVE: The Moon, The Tree   May his soul finally R.I.P.   24) Death of the Waves 25) Moonchildren 26) Colors Made of Tears 27) The 108th Fruit 28) Pierced Heart 29) Love 30) Rest in Peace (Outro map)   31) Lost Sheep 32) Crucify Yourself!!!   Episode and map titles are subject to change.   MAPS AND EPISODES EXPLANATION: spoiler alert
      SOUNDTRACK This is a review / preview (of the first maps that i made for the wad back in 2019, when i still didn't know that i wanted to start a megawad basically)  by Jag Taggart 93 on you tube, check out his channel he reviews tons of Doom 2 and Quake wads, also from new mappers.         SCREENSHOTS: