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Help for multi-sector door?

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Hi all editing gurus - I have a question about a generic_door but made from several sectors.


What I want to do is have some of the door have a shadow cast on it, like so:




Now, I added the same sector ID to each door sector and made each outside linedef action this sector ID, so triggering the door on any line would open all three sectors together. This works well unless you are standing in the doorway when the door closes again. If so, then the sector you are directly under will go up again, but the others will close as normal. What this means of course is that the individual sectors become de-synced for that door cycle...


I tried to resolve by converting the door to a multi-sector platform, but now of course the door opens downward and the same desyncing still occurs...







Here, I stood on the right hand bit of the door while it closed, and then backed up so you can see the effect:


desynced door


I don't want to merge the sectors 'cos I will lose the shadow. Is there any way I can 'lock' the sectors to each other so they will always raise and lower in sync even if only ONE is blocked by the player? Or is this something I need to solve with ACS?


Any suggestions gratefully received.



Edited by smeghammer

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