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[RELEASE] Impy Vendetta

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I know that this quarantine is being very bad for most of the people, but for me and doom mapping, it's being very fruitful...

After "Quarantine", here follows another wad I've been looking for finishing: "Impy Vendetta". Its main story:

Poor Imps... they're constantly killed and ripped
open by Marines (also slayers) in every Doom Mod.
But not this time. They will pursue their justice
fighting against one of the most corrupt and evil
institutions of the whole Galaxy: Union Aerospace
Corporation - known as UAC.

Gameplay characteristics:

This is a mixture of weapons/graphic mod with 4 new
maps, playable both in (Ultimate) Doom and Doom 2
(yep!). It features eight weapons with attack and
alt-attack, and jumping and crouching is need for
the four extra maps. A few inventory pickups also
are disponible, so you must set keys for its use.

This mod runs in (L/G)ZDoom, in both (Ultimate) Doom and Doom 2.

Warning! If you're used to play Doom in Ultra-Violence, you'll find this mod very hard. So it's better switch back to easier skill levels. Takes some time to get used to the gameplay changes, since the weapons are totally different from the traditional ones.

Now, let's go!!!!!!









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