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Toornihculat: Crush Depth

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Project: Toornihculat
Album: Crush Depth
Release Date: 26.05.2020




01: On the Upper Deck [04:10]
02: We Are Coterminous [03:42]
03: Rust Like Leafs [05:33]
04: Whatever Flux Yields [09:13]
05: The Lost Arrays [13:31]
06: Things Change [06:18]
07: Scald the City [10:20]

Story So Far
This is the debut album I've been working on since July 2011. It was painfully conceived over the course of the past 9 years - it's a mostly unamusing story of learning everything from the ground up, doing everything by myself, almost giving up countless times and a lot of wasted effort. The songs have been laying around written and recorded almost in their entirety for many years now because originally I wanted to have vocals on them. However after over 4 years of efforts I was forced to admit that this is never gonna happen. So in late April 2020 I made the decision to cut the vocals completely, wrap up the instrumental tracks and be done with it finally after almost a decade. This is the result of all those years.

The music is purely me getting my creative juice out - basically I do whatever I feel like doing without committing to a unified sound. As a result this album spans across several styles and types of atmosphere. I hope that if you decide to give it a listen you'll go through the whole thing because rest assured that no single song can act as a summary for the rest. I'm not good with genres but I guess you can describe the overall style as post-rock / experimental.

As I mentioned, the album was supposed to have vocals and as such all lyrics are already written. After coming up with a bunch of seemingly disconnected stuff it occured to me that the lyrics have a potential of being combined into a dedicated storyline. I won't disclose the specifics in case I ever want to reuse it for something. What I can say is that the story begins on a cruise ship, hence the name of the first track. Toornihculat is the name of an other-wordly entity that's in the center of the events relayed through the album. Cutting the vocals was one of the most difficult decisions I ever had to make, because I have invested an insane amount of time and effort into it and kept delaying the release for years to make it happen. But that was the only way this could ever be released.

I don't know if anyone's gonna enjoy that. My taste is weird and amorphous and this record reflects that. I do hope you'll give it a listen though. That's the only thing I want after spending so much time on it.

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