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🍦 BIG Vanilla Doom Wad Pack! REV. 16 - May 24th, 2022 [Maximum Doom the way 'Kid Did]

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I made vanilla map, it doesn't go above limits(used chocorender limits and main ports for testing), so it should be fine. Unless, if you do merges with other wads, you'll need separate palette from main map and leave as optional content. 


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Pretty cool idea Doomkid!But please don't forget to look at the end of the readme.txt files to see if you can freely copy and redistribute those wads since not all allow it :)

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2 hours ago, SOSU said:

Pretty cool idea Doomkid!But please don't forget to look at the end of the readme.txt files to see if you can freely copy and redistribute those wads since not all allow it :)

I’m glad you mentioned this. I’m not sure what the legality is surrounding those old text file requests - I don’t think there’s any actual precedent not to share such files around (other than courtesy to the author). I’d like an expert like Linguica to weigh in but I get the impression that Doom mods by their very nature can’t be “held captive” because the modder doesn’t have exclusive rights over it or some such legalese. I could be way off base here, though.


Of course, I’ll do my best not to include stuff people don’t want shared around, though I must admit it strikes me as strange for someone to upload a wad to a site that thousands upon thousands of people visit, yet not want it to be shared or seen. I actually have a hunch that a lot of early-batch mappers just filled them in with “may NOT redistribute” not actually knowing that meant their wad was basically guaranteed to end up a lost, unsharable relic. Heck, in some 90’s files, you come across examples where the author left the default “(may/may NOT)” bit in without specifying one or the other, which is pretty hilarious :) again I think it’s an example of early mappers not really knowing what all that jargon at the bottom of text files even meant.


edit: I just figured I should make it super clear for any future readers that none of these wads will be modified from their original state. I will also not be including anything marked as being in a beta or otherwise unfinished state.

Edited by Doomkid

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Anything uploaded to the /idgames archive in the early days while it was mirrored on ftp.cdrom.com was done so with the explicit understanding that cdrom.com would take the files and put them on CD-ROMs that could be purchased, hence the name, so any "do not distribute" messages in the text file can be safely ignored. Other old files recovered from the deep web would be more in a gray area about whether or not it was OK to redistribute them, but who cares?

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I finally got this pack compiled!





Welcome to the Vanilla Doom & Doom2 WAD pack!
(Over 200 WADs and Mods included!)

This pack makes playing mods very easy for those
looking to play DOOM or DOOM2 in a DOS environment.

Mods which require or come with multiple files or a
DEHACKED patch have been put in their own directories.
Mods which only require a single file are sorted alpha-
betically and come with an accompanying .txt file
which contains information about the mod.

I have done all the heavy lifting for you: If you wish
to play a multi-file or dehacked-based mod, simply
extract the contents to your DOOM or DOOM2 directory
and run the included .BAT file. This will usually be
called something like PLAY.BAT, INSTALL.BAT or perhaps
the wad name itself.

If you come across a mod which is just a .wad and .deh
file, don't worry as installation is very simple.
Copy the .wad and .deh files to your DOOM or DOOM2
directory. Make sure you have the latest version of
DEHACKED.EXE in that directory (version 3.1). Move
to your DOOM or DOOM2 directory and type 'dehacked'.
Text will appear ending in "Do you want to do this?"
Press Y to confirm. Press L, then Y when "Reload
original exe data first?" appears. Type the filename
(example.deh) and hit enter. This should load the .deh
file into DEHACKED. Now press W to write changes to
DOOMHACK.EXE (which DEHACKED created), then hit ESC
to quit.
Now, to run your mod, type "doomhack -example.wad".

Some files which are notoriously difficult to run
have been patched, for example Batman DOOM now runs
flawlessly in DOOM2 (thanks fraggle!). There are a VERY
small minortiy of files here which don't run quite right
in DOS. D2XTREME was modified to be Legacy-compatible at
some point which destroyed vanilla compatibility.
DOOMXMAS and Doom2 in Name Only do not run for unknown
reasons - they are perfectly functional in
Chocolate Doom.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel
free to contact me at thedevilzworker@hotmail.com.



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I know I uploaded Terrace View on Doomshack a couple years ago or so, but I did finally upload it to Idgames and added the appropriate sky and music. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/terracev


There's also Doom Core Delta which is the updated version of the megawad with a few new maps. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/dcdelta


Some other mentions:

Cleimos 2

Heroes (Doom)

Heroes 2

Realm of Chaos

Base Ganymede Complete (Doom)

Bob Evan's Odessa Series


Dark Covenant

Somewhere In Time



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I don't really know if my newest released TMoD project will be allowed to be added but if it's fine by the OP then I'll happily chip in TMoD vanilla. :3



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These are all great suggestions so far, just the kind of stuff I'm looking for.

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A Vanilla project I worked on: "Oops! All Techbase" despite the title, there's actually a ton of variety in terms of mapping styles, and some real gems in there. I, personally, did map12, and map28. I believe the project coordinator is planning on uploading it to idgames, with a new map29, at that, at some point in the near future. Not sure if its exactly what you're looking for- but it is a vanilla compatible megawad.


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Post... The Mini-Episode



Tangibly related, i do have a in-progress list of WADs that suggest modifying the exe using Dehacked to create a new one containing a new name, it may very well be that lesser known Vanilla stuff is in there (I weeded this out). Due to it being quite a mess, please PM me for more details. I reckon there are some oddball suggestions in there that aren't that known. (Most episode replacements.)

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