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my headcanon for the disappearing corpses in 2016 and Eternal

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why did doomguy slaughter thousands of Demons in the past without a single one of their corpses disappearing? well, my headcanon is that for whatever unexplained reason, it has something to do with the death of the Motherdemon. the concept of disappearing corpses appears for the first time in Doom 64, where it happens occasionally as part of scripted sequences. since the attack in that game is led by a specific demon with a special rejuvenation power, I like to think the corpses disappear (back to hell/to a deeper part of hell) because of the motherdemon. after the motherdemon dies, some other demon (satan maybe) decides to just alter the spirituality makeup of demons so that this will happen every time one of them dies. since doomguy has killed so many at this point, Hell is doing the same thing the UAC had always been trying to do from the second game onward: trying to prevent another giant slaughter. so maybe satan or whoever, using the same mechanism used by the motherdemon, decides to immediately take back all demon corpses, in order to prevent doomguy from just wiping out Hell entirely. 


another fun one: nothing has changed about the archvile, he is still resurrecting dead demons. it's just that the bodies disappear so its not as obvious, but I like to believe that every demon an archvile spawns, is an individual demon that you have already killed at some point in the game. 

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