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Reborn an old failure proyect and make it a succesful community proyect

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Hello everybody

Years ago, i uploaded a megawad called Doom Zodiac. This wad was remove from the page because it didnt comply all the conditions. It stayed in doomworld idgames like a few months, i think, because this wad was remove  because it didnt comply all the conditions. Now i played it again to remember my first megawad that i did, and... oh god, it has some bugs and only have a few good maps and others that i didnt like for many reasons. So i was wondering, why not change it in a community proyect?

First the idea

This wad is based in the anime Saint Seiya, where you have to go through 12 houses to save Athena, in this case, the world of demonic orders (1 house of each zodiac sign). The houses are placed in the santuary, a place of greek (uploades images like a basic idea, not has to be the same necesarily) . The first sign or house (Aries) starts in map07,  first 6 maps can be city or Uac lab for example, whatever you want. The map that following the sign (this case map08) is the way to go to the next house. That map can be a road or whatever goes through your heads. The maps can be very big or small, its your choice but it has to be better that what i did (thats the point, right? its not gonna be difficult to do.

Only 2 conditions for the megawad :

1) Every house of every sign has to be made of marmol, this doesnt mean that you cant make a backyard or catacombs for example).

2) 1 cyberdemon is added in every house, i mean, for example  Leo(number 5 of house) has 5 cyberdemos, Virgo 6, etc...

About Map 30: for now it has Icon of Sin and 13 cyberdemos but we talk about chance that. In fact we can talk about chance everything else because is a community proyect.

Now with shame, the megawad link to really see what im talking about. I used Plutonia IWAD for the sky and it has Pr-boom compatibility, can be played with Zdoom and zandronum too


Please feel free to give your opions, critics, ideas, jokes or questions. I want to know if there is interested people in this to make another post and start the proyect. Thanks for your time!



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