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Chex Quest IWAD?

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I watched AVGN video about Chex Quest, and because of how positive he was about the game and because it looked like something i could play just to burn time a little bit in quarantine, i wanted to give it a shot, but i couldn't find anything.

The nearest thing i found was Chex Quest HD on Steam, but i want to play the original, the website also changed thematic, it now is a website for Chex Quest HD only, not even some "Download the original!" section.

Anyone know where to find the original IWAD?

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Here you go, Chex Quest 3 (including the original and 2). You don't want to play Chex Quest 1 if you have this already - most of the contents here are basically intact.

You don't need any iwads to play, just unzip everything, click the exe and start enjoying the game!

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As @TheNoob_Gamer pointed you, Chex Quest 3 is what you could call an IWAD of Chex Quest that is a G/L/ZDoom exclusive sequel to Chex Quest 1 and Chex Quest 2 made by Charles Jacobi the original art director and lead artist of Chex Quest.
In Chex Quest 3 you will find the complete episode Chex Quest 1, the complete episode of Chex Quest 2 and a new episode Chex Quest 3.

Chex Quest HD is also made by Charles Jacobi and a new team as a remake or reimagination of what you will find on Chex Quest 3 that implement new content and expanded on the original idea.


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