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Yo, working on some maps and using some liquid wall textures like bloodfall and lava etc, for some reason when I test the map through doombuilder 2 it seems fine, however if I open the map directly with GZdoom the textures aren't animated, just static. Doombuilder is set to test the map with the same GZdoom used to play, so I'm a little confused... Any ideas?



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Are you loading the map with any other wads, mods or PK3s? Either in GZDoom or through Doom Builder?


The default animated textures are controlled by a text file in GZDoom.pk3 called ANIMDEFS (or a library thereof). If they're not working in-game, it could be because something is impacting the ANIMDEFS lump. Are the other animated textures like water or slime flats working?

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Are you using the first entry in each one, for example BFALL1? I don't remember exactly why, but I've had textures refuse to animate on me before when I used anything other than the 1st in the animation sequence.

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