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Help with GZDoom "Additional Parameters"?

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Hi gang, quick question for the dummy over here:


When I open GZDoom, it used to save whatever I had previously loaded into the "Additional Parameters" window, but as of a few months ago, it always opens empty, requiring me to add in the paths to all the mods I want to use each and every time.


Google wasn't able to help me so I figured I'd ask here. Thank you in advance!!! :D

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I think there's a way to export your additional parameters as a TXT file, so that when this happens you can at least load them back in easily enough. The problem is, I don't know how to save them to a TXT or load them from an existing one.. Hopefully someone else who knows can weigh in!

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I think you should consider switching to a frontend - loading mod(s) through launch parameters is a very inconvenient method, especially when you have so many mods to choose/your mods are very uncategorized.


Alternatively, you can save whatever launch commands you need in a blank .txt file and copy-paste those commands the next time you fire up GZDoom.

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Thanks guys. First question, what is a frontend? I've been using GZDoom for years and never heard of people using a different way to load mods lol I'm on Mac (clearly) if that's any issue.


Second question, for years anything in the Additional Parameters box would stay saved there every time I opened it. Recently that's just no longer the case. No idea how to get it to save again?


Thanks again!

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Hey, 3 things I can point out which may be of some help:

A front end is a launcher program; kinda like using doomseeker to find and launch multiplayer games on zandronum. While doomseeker prolly wont work with gzdoom (just using it as an example), there are quite a few launchers out there which can.

If this is something which is a bug, it would be most helpful for you and everybody else if you submitted this bug report in the proper place; DoomWorld members dont maintain gzdoom, but the zdoom forums has a place for stuff like this.

This last one is a shot in the dark but maybe the answer to your issue is in your config file for gzdoom; maybe there us a section for auto loaded parameters, similar to autoloaded wads and stuff.

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