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Darkwoods Doom 2 Level

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I created a big chill classic Doom 2 type level with acoustic midi. Difficulty level is for casual players. Some challenge but not much.
Takes about 30 minutes to complete. Took maybe 8 hours to make this level. I have tested this on Crispy Doom, GZDoom v4.3.3, ZDoom v2.8.1













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Okay, so I ran into a wall regarding progression. After I had murdered everything in this area, I couldn't reach any of the other areas with openings.




I can see an opening down there in the bottom right hand, but can't get down to it.




This door also doesn't open.




Does this button open the door? I'd like to try, but I can't get over to it. All these waist high barriers appear to have invisible walls on them, so I can't go anywhere. Not sure if this is a bug or on purpose, but after exploring the rest of the map, I found myself unable to progress any further. 




As for just some general thoughts, this map felt really barren as there's huge swaths of space with nothing in them and the really long tunnel that finally leads to the first enemy encounter is pretty dull, I'll be honest. As a first impression, I can't really say I like the map all that much, I'm sorry. I hope this hasn't been too discouraging.


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That switch you're looking at can be shot.


In that area you seem to be using invisible walls to block, which is incredibly annoying as it looks like you should just be able to jump over no problem. (Same in the blue key area actually) I was able to go down to the bottom on the other side of that screenshot, and I now have the blue key, but I don't seem to be able to get back to the blue key switch.

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7 minutes ago, Degree23 said:

That switch you're looking at can be shot.


Gah! I'm so rusty at this, I forgot some maps will have ya shoot buttons.

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