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VOBM Labs: A first boom compatible map

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I was trying to make a map compatible with boom (or at least with PrBoom), and the truth is that it is a pretty good engine for its time. I tried to get as much juice out of it as I could, with its editing features, transfer_heights, transparent windows, colormaps and whatnot. And since I am so original, in the end I did not put a cyberdemon but two.

Making this map I learned how to Make maps for boom with scroller floors, transparent windows, etc.,  Make stair builders, Better manage the UDB, to make light gradients, and height gradients, to make stairs, I started using a minimum of DEHACKED, for replacing the level names, etc.


If someday I put myself in creative mode, I can make the most of the boom out there, since it is a good engine :)


One thing: I tried it with the MSDOS boom and it is quite slow, I have no idea why, I would recommend PrBoom (or a more advanced engine) because I test it with this engine.


Rules: NoJump, NoCrouch, NoFreelook. Likewise, I put a MAPINFO so that these rules are fulfilled in ZDoom-based engines


The screenshots (made with GZDoom):













The file is VOBM.zip. Inside the zip are the wad and the dehacked patch. The wad already has a patch dehacked inside so in engines like prboom it is not necessary to load the separate .deh. VOBM Labs_info.txt contains information about the map.


Hope you like! And I would like to know what you think of the map.

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