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Demon's Swiss Cheese Encounter: by DRM-Man

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After ravaging a small town the demons rested, not because of endurance but because of boredom. After wiping the town clean there was no one else to eat or destroy what would they do now?, "Hey check this out." the imp like demon said slapping a cold pack of a strange set of yellow slabs: "What are those?." the slightly weaker then the other demon said.


"I don't know...but it smells worse then the flesh rooms." They stared at the sliced slab of cheese not in pleasure, but disgust...it was beyond expired blue and regular mold littered it, decaying slimy patches were on it as well some of them gagged at the scent.

"WHAT IS THAT!?." The imp screamed: "i don't know...but it's revolting." all of the demons were disgusted at the sight of the revolting cheese, one of them even started vomiting it was too much even for a supreme demon commander "goddammit that's beyond disgusting WHAT is That!?." the supreme commander said.


"Who cares let's EAT IIIITTTT!." The imp started to munch on the nasty ass cheese, he immediately regretted it "no...n..o i..can TAKE..it blegugahel." the spiky demon vomited in a uncontrollable way, "WhAt NOOOO!." the baron commander yelled in disgust, soon the commander began to vomit as well but not just from his oral region...intestinal waste spewed from his lower regions.

Soon the other demons began to spew waste from both entry's "I...CAN'T..T.A...KE IT ANYMORE BLEHUAGAHH." the pinky exclaimed his guts were getting destroyed by his waste, "just try to get...t..he health potions!." the demons were suffering from the effects from the long since deceased cheese just trying to reach the healing potions.


Soon the last demon alive crawled pitifully to the soulsphere trying to drink it's contents, but it succumbed to death before the hell knight could tip the sphere into his mouth.



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