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[New Version] A Kinda Scary Doom Mod!

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Posted (edited)


You have unleashed the demons onto the UAC Base,

but they decide they don't really like you anymore.

Neither do the marines...


Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l4i63co1nku2zbs/GOOSEBUMPS-2.0.pk3



  • Two Maps (MAP01, MAP02),
  • A modified HUDBAR. Removed in favor of screen space
  • Some creepy new sounds
  • Zombiemen are replaced with Marines
  • Shotgunners are no longer zombies
  • Chaingunners are also Marines
  • Lost Souls are no longer flaming, and have new behavior
  • You are replaced with a creepy doll that brought all these demons to earth
  • Some blood effects
  • New Spectres and new Spectre sounds
  • Shotgun and SSG now are faster
  • All weapons reload (excluding the BFG)
  • All weapons have new hands on them
  • New status bar face graphics
  • Chips of wood fly off the player instead of blood
  • and an edited title screen


Old Download Link:



  • middlefingerman
  • dooman
  • HorrorMovieGuy
  • Captain J
  • id Software
  • Full credits are in the pk3


Screenshots Are Below:


Old Screenshot:





Edited by GoosebumpsFan : new link

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Posted (edited)


@Armaetus I put it there because the HUD face is 64x64, and I didn't want to lose detail

Edited by GoosebumpsFan

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Why the HUD face is not where it should be, I dunno.

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Posted (edited)



Dude, put the protagonist face in the HUD where he belongs :P he's taking up a lot of space on the screen there.

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Brand new version!

Added 3 new levels, changed the level order a bit, added a couple new ssg reload frames, improved a couple animations, added 2 new bullet puffs, added new sprites for various items and power-ups, and some other minor changes.


DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kqhuuih27e9uuao/GOOSEBUMPS-1.9.pk3


Here are some screenshots of the new levels:


MAP01: The Library (Part One)


MAP02: The Library (Part Two)


MAP05: The Techbase


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Posted (edited)

New version!


New Features:


New clip loading animation for the pistol,

New sprites for the machine gun,

Minor level improvements,

Touched up the shotgun so that the first frame matches the pumping animation,

Improved the "slappin' hand" sprites,

and Added new sounds and title screen music.







Edited by GoosebumpsFan

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