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How to use alternative font for intermission text screen?


When I replaced the original STCFN Smallfont to the custom font, which has two letters with different size/color than the others, any ZDoom-related source ports automatically changed the color of the entire STCFN font to much darker one than originally designed. To avoid this issue, while I preserved the new STCFN lumps, I decided to use FONTDEFS to define the other font, designed to be used with ZDoom. I also defined the secondary font, in order to use the two letters I mentioned. So the FONTDEFS is now looks like this:



    Template DNSMR%03d

    A DAISY091
    B DAISY093



The problem is that I can't use the "Secondfont" for the intermission text screen with ZMAPINFO. AFAIK, there are no commands to change the font of text screen from either ZMAPINFO or LANGUAGE. I looked around, and found the tutorial that uses ACS to demonstrate the text screen with custom font: 



#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (void)

    delay (35);
    SetFont ("Secondfont");
    SetHudSize (640,480,0);
    HudMessageBold (s:"AAABBB";


Still, even after putting ACS file in the wad, it doesn't work at all, despite I followed the tutorial as written. The game doesn't execute the ACS, after I exit the level, and shows the other text message, which was defined with dehacked. Keep in mind that I have zero experience with writing ACS, so there must be something that I've been missing. If there's much better way to use alternative font for intermission text screen, please let me know. :(

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When you talk about text on the intermission screen, you mean the map name, kills, secrets, items, etc? I know that everything other than the numbers is actually just a static bitmap (or GFX file more accurately) that can be altered to look however you like. Even the numbers are all just bitmaps as well, but if you're using that specific font elsewhere in the WAD, the font will be changed there too. AFAIK though, those numbers are only used on the intermission screen, so each one can be modified and that modification won't affect anything but the text on the intermission screen.


I hope I've kinda-sorta explained this clearly.. Basically, it's just a bunch of images that need to be edited and replaced with the new letters/font that you want to incorporate. The HUD uses different images for it's numbers so it won't be affected.


EDIT: I'm a moron, just realized you're referring to the actual text readouts.

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1 hour ago, Doomkid said:

just realized you're referring to the actual text readouts.


Yeah, I meant the intermission text screen, which appears after you beat specific levels, such as MAP07, MAP11, and MAP20, and uses Smallfont to print the texts. I should have mentioned about it more clear. ^_^;;

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