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DOOM E1M1 Remake: Poll


12 members have voted

  1. 1. How complex should the hud be

    • Keep it simple
    • Make it modern
  2. 2. What should the doom slayer be named

    • Flynn Taggart
    • William Joseph Blazkowicz

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I know, its just that I feel the current hud I have may be too distracting from the gameplay.


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2 hours ago, superboo07 said:



Oh! When I voted, I thought you would remake the level in GZDooM or something. Looks very cool! 


Bethesda should make a modern remake with true 3d sprites.

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Making it modern is a good idea, but i think it should have fidelity to the original, keep the status bar or something like that, but also make it more understandable.

As for Doom's name, i think it should be William Joseph Blaskowicz, it's a remake of a Doom map, so it should have the name of the character from Doom

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You should make it so the hexagons in the hexagons also have their own hexagons.

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