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Eureka editor: Custom Things UI?


I was recently learning how to import a thing into Eureka editor, using this example:




and one of these custom assets:




Now, the YT tutorial uses GZDB, and this process works nearly as well in Eureka on Ubuntu, except that a custom imported monster is not exposed in the UI at all as far as I could see.


The custom thing importation is done with Slade3 (there is a build of this for Ubuntu as well - which is cool) as per the YT vid, as is the checking or assignment of a custom thing ID (15000 in this example).


The issue is that the custom thing does not appear in the Eureka thing browser.


It does work correctly though - what you need to do is add a new thing as per normal (defaults to a health bottle) and manually change the TID to that specified in the decorate script:






Eureka also does not know how to render the sprite in 3d view:


However, it shows correctly in-game (a cyber-imp!):




Have I missed anything where I can specify how to include a custom thing in the thing browser? If not, is this feature worth considering for addition into Eureka?



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Eureka does not support DECORATE files.


You can create a config file to tell Eureka about your custom things.  You need to use a text editor (NOTEPAD is okay) to edit a file with the ".ugh" extension, with contents like this:

thing 15000 m - 32 SPRI "Name of Monster"

The first number is the editor ID number, the "m" puts in the monster category, the 32 is the radius, SPRI is the base sprite name.


Once you have this ".ugh" file, you can add it as a resource to your project via "Manage Project" dialog (in the File menu).

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23 minutes ago, smeghammer said:

manually change the TID

Just as a minor point, the jargon for this value is generally "editor number" or "DoomEd number"; TID is a different notion which is relevant in scripted maps.

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Posted (edited)

OK thanks. I'll have a crack at this.




Yes that worked, thank you.


Is it possible to also specify a graphic as well when doing this? - I see a square with a '?' inside rather than a sprite image. Thanks.

Edited by smeghammer

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