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Prince of Persia for HeXen/Heretic

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Mirrored from ZDooM forums: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=68761


I've been spending last two weeks of quarantine making textures, sprites and models that mimick old Prince of Persia game in GZDooM engine. Just for fun and just so I can actually do something interesting. But I think it could actually become a full fledged mod in the end. Problem being that I really don't know how to make many things in it actually work. So I am posting what I've made so far for anybody to adopt it and make it work. I will gladly provide additional textures and sprites but me trying to code things will take ages and probably just make me move onto something else.

- Tileset for whole Dungeon part of Prince of Persia 1 is almost complete. Only a window texture is missing. All textures are made by me from scratch.
- Chompers have defined animation but no functionality
- Gates have no functionality
- Rudimentary falling floor tiles with shaking animation and shattered state. 64x64 and 128x128. The 64x128 is kinda tricky because ZDooM can't handle non square actors. I am thinking about some kind of dummy actor that will act like the second part of the tile.
- Pressure plates as a models with 2 frame animation - pressed and non pressed. Currently unnused.
- I adapted Dodopol's ledge climbing script for HeXen and Heretic, tweaked some values to make player able to climb the walls like in Prince of Persia. And now with some finesse it's possible to climb even to the tile directly above you. Major bug is that you can hold onto ceiling and you can't climb actor tiles. I have no idea how to fix those.
- 2 potion sprites made from scratch
- There are no sounds


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wow now this is something i really want to experience!!!
Prince of Persia serie is my all time favorite plataforming game.
I played the Sands of Time saga like five time each game. Warrior Within is the best entry.

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