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John Carpenter's The Thing vs The T-1000

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As crazy as it is..... but let's think about it.

Spontaneously, T-1000 should be able to handle this one, it's nearly indestructible. What could The Thing do to harm a T-1000... Biting and scratching? Even the use of guns and explosives are pretty much useless. He couldn't even assimilate T-1000 since it's made of liquid metal, which, eventually be repelled by The Thing's organism during the process and all scattered bits and parts will reunite sooner or later. The only serious threat to T-1000 are extreme hot or cold temperatures and I'm not even sure if, for instance, the Antarctica is cold enough to freeze a T-1000. Probably not. Even temporary fires won't harm T-1000 that badly. The Thing is the first one going AWOL in that case :-P  Besides, T-1000 is able to generate any weapon or object that he touched earlier which The Thing can't. I suppose, T-1000 has still many "home advantages", wherever a fight takes place.


So, for me it has to be the legendary...


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I was going to agree with @4everDoomed at first, but consider that the Thing will never fight the T-1000 alone. The Thing will always be fighting a war on two fronts. Versus humans and versus the T-1000. Should enough humans be infected (which can happen very fast - IIRC, it would take over the entire population of Earth in a few days if it got out of Antartica), clearly the Thing can create an army with enough force to take on the T-1000.


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Weighing the two previous posts it seems dependent on the environment.   In isolation the T-1000 has an advantage.   If out in the world, the Thing would take over everything and we just know what it does to animals.   Antarctica is pretty barren.   Would the Thing do the same thing to plants and huge trees?


Aside from that, something to consider is the T-1000's programming.   In Terminator 2, notice that he focuses on his primary target and engages others, even the T-800 only as necessary.   Maybe he just didn't consider the T-800 enough of a threat.   So what happens when he encounters the Thing?   Does he assess it as the greatest threat or focus on another primary target.   What happens if his primary target is assimilated by the Thing?

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I wouldn't count out The Thing.


The Thing can probably immobilize or at least slow down a T-1000 by imitating how honey bees fight a Murder Hornet - i.e. blanketing it in biomass to the point it couldn't move.  We don't get a sense from the movie if it's capable of forming bones or carapaces that the T-1000 would have a hard time getting through, but even without it, we know that a T-1000 will be temporarily taken out of action with enough blunt force trauma to cause it to re-form.


There are relatively simple chemical compounds like thermite or acids that would probably wreck mimetic polyalloy, so as long as the T-1000 can be held in place long enough to get doused in whatever chemical weapon can be made with materials on hand it could be taken out (who cares if some biomass gets destroyed along the way; it's probably willing to sacrifice some).


Let's not forget that The Thing was also well on it's way to making a flying saucer out of random helicopter & tractor components, so it's not inconceivable that it could create a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range out of an electronics junkyard or something.


Yes, this does assume that The Thing has gotten a bit of a head start in assimilating creatures so that it can overwhelm the T-1000.


On the other hand, what can a T-1000 really do to The Thing?  It can slice and dice any individual form, but if it doesn't have any flame weapons I doubt it can totally kill it.  This is assuming that The Thing is still technically alive even after the host form (like a dog or whatever) is damaged enough that it wouldn't be alive according to our definitions (head chopped off, lungs punctured, etc).  I believe in Blair's lab he's looking at blood samples from that charred fused corpse that are still capable of assimilating other living cells, so presumably The Thing could come back from that state if it managed to infect another host.

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Yeah all these posts have good points. All dependant on scenario and environment. The Thing needs population to hide and create back ups. This then will allow it to get its hand on or create equipment / weapons to destroy the T-1000 or just overwhelm it.


I don't think the Thing can physically harm it.


Basically the T-1000 starts off as the more deadly force but the Thing has the potential to become more powerful than it could ever imagine.


Maybe a Skynet vs The Thing in modern times would make for a more even playing field? Both use humans as a resource or the machines try to destroy humanity to deny the Thing from it.

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