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Can't run Doom alpha 0.4/0.5 in DOSBox

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Posted (edited)

I tried playing around with the alphas a bit but I can't seem to run v0.4 and 0.5. I get the following in the console:


Stub: begin execution

Stub: hooking vector 0x60

Stub: launching DOS extender

Stub: couldn't spawn dos extender: no such file or directory

Stub: freeing vector 0x60

I'm using the idgames upload. DOS4GW.EXE is present in the directory. I also tried switching it with a newer version from another game but it still gives the same error. What now?

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Posted (edited)

Just make sure that you have a clean, fresh install of dosbox 0.74.
create two directories ("04" and "05") and copy the alphas there,

each into it's own directory. should look like this:



Should work like a charme.




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