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Some of your favorite songs from old FPS?

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I decided to put this here since it doesn't just pertain to Doom alone.


Curious to know some of everyone's favorite tracks, and if you care to explain, understand why they are your favorites!



Doom (1993): Deep into the code – Love the guitar in this song!

Doom II (1994): Between Levels – Nice percussion song and lovely bass remind me of band class.

Final Doom: TNT Evilution (1996): AimShootKill – As repetitive as it is, I love this song's guitar so much!


Heretic (1994): The Crypts – Very mysterious, like coming across a previously unknown underground civilization.

Hexen (1995): "Level" (Bright Crucible) – Love the heroic feel of it, makes me think the three heroes just finished facing their first serious threat in their quest to stop Korax, but there's more to come...


Strife (1996): Tribal – Down' n' dirty, chaotic sounds for a chaotic cult!


Chex Quest 1, 2, and 3 (1996): United Cereals – Personally, this is Fred Chexter's theme to me, sounds like the song of a determined



Duke Nukem 3D (1996): Water World – Very relaxing song, absolutely love the harp part.

Shadow Warrior (1997): Attention – It makes me think of an outnumbered samurai, whose burning spirit drives him to fight through the opposition.

Blood (1997): Infuscomus (MIDI or CD version) – An eerie song that is undeniably Blood; it's what I hum every time I think of the game.

The children singing in the CD version creeped me out when I first heard it years ago.


Wolf 3D (1992): Zero Hour – I honestly cannot understand why I love this short looped song so much! It's so darn catchy!

Spear of Destiny (1992): Puttin' it to the Enemy – Gives a sense of nearing finality of the whole ordeal.

Blake Stone AoG (1993): 2100 or S-2100 – Cool energetic song to me, nothin' like some sweet beats to blast aliens too!

Blake Stone Planet Strike (1994): To Hell – Pretty funky song! Wish Planet Strike's music wasn't strictly FM.


(FM synth could be better, seems the best PC FM synth in the 90s was in Japan PC games)


Rise of the Triad (1995): I choose the stairs – This song feels like it should be in an action movie! High energy that mixes well with the crazy nature of RoTT!


<!EXTRA!> Not an FPS, but…

Ultima Underworld (1992): Dark Abyss




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Doom (1993): E1M1, E1M2, E1M8, E2M1, E2M6, E3M1, E3M2. Love rock-styled and ambient songs.

Doom II (1994): MAP01, MAP09, MAP20. Love rock-styled and ambient songs.

Final TNT Evilution (1995): MAP01, MAP02, MAP08, MAP11, MAP16, MAP20. Love rock-styled and ambient songs.

Duke Nukem 3D (1996): Title music, E2ML. Love rock-styled and ambient songs.

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Doom: Intermission, E1M9, E3M1, E1M8


Doom 2: Into Sandy's City, Opening to Hell, The Demon's Dead


Duke Nukem 3D: Grabbag, The City Streets, The Call of Death


Rise of the Triad: Rise, Watz Next?, Havana Smooth 



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Not going to do the whole list as it would go on for literal pages but here's a handful I love:



Hiding the Secrets - The intense, hard rocking guitar solo that kicks you into high gear and ready to blast demons with a fun song is one I cherish a lot.

Deep in the code - Imagine guitars slapping really quickly along with a drunk, slogging guitar solo... that's basically E3M3's theme in a nutshell. Despite this, it's quite possibly my fav song from episode 3. (Untitled is a VERY hard contender to fight against when comparing D1 songs only) :3

Dark Halls - Third song into the game and definitely brings out the fear factor of DooM. Hangar was a great rocking guitar solo all the way through, e1m3 felt too slow and boring but E1M3 really encapsulates the feeling of "oh s***! My entire fleet of marines are dead! I might be alone now!"


DooM II: Hell On Earth

David D. Taylor Blues - 3 words: *CYMBAL SLAPPING INTENSIFIES* [I know it's closer to a hi-hat but I mean "hi-hat slapping" doesn't roll off the tongue as well]

Into Sandy's City - So I heard you liked repetitive songs so we made one so ungodly epic you just wanna smash an imp in the face.

Bye Bye American Pie - B A R R E L S

Running from evil - Cause At DooM's gate is inferiour. B I T E M E .


Duke Nukem 3D

Grabbag - Let's rock. It combines the bad ass nature of Duke with a guitar that literally is singing as hard as it can to make the king rock out hard. (Also, never noticed the song has 2 halves to it. The first, quieter half and then the second half has some low pitch synth noise as well as bells ringing).

Shop- N-Bag's store song - I. LOVE. THIS. LITTLE. TRUMPET. OwO


Rise of the Triad

Suck This! - So I heard you needed a song to introduce the player to your new FPS game. Okay. Let's make it a really fast, trumpet intensifying song with a crazy beat.

Run Like Smeg  - Level 3 and already some pretty funky music that ROTT has become slightly famous for having.

Fish Polka - *casually dancing to German music with a dopey look on my face*


Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold

Dark Hallway [E1F1 theme] - A basic yet eerie theme since blake as to traverse many floors to take down the evil doc who is.. .err... I forgot... (I barely played BS:AoG).



Winnowing Hall - *w i n n o w w i n g h a l l t h e m e i n t e n s i f i e s g r e a t l y*





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Posted (edited)

Command & Conquer games feature some of my favourites. I still play those games today. The music is timeless.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGuuOdD6iY4 - Target (Mechanical Man)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ygM5_GxyKA - No Mercy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfAalQu9hvY - Just Do It Up

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WgLG1otP-0 - Hell March


This is the intro theme from the very 1st ever first person shooter I played.




Alien Trilogy is another favourite of mine that also has amazing music.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n0mMcE2BJ0 - Main theme

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmnN_nReqIc&list=PL05367013048EF504&index=5 - First level


Metal Gear Solid as a series has incredible music but I prefer the original music. It's much darker than anything Harry Gregson-Williams did.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mln5P5dKYfk&list=PL3CBDC974B0BA26D3&index=10 - Psycho Mantis



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I really like the entire Quake 1 OST. Also, Rott 95's OST is probably some of the best old school music in any video game ever.

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4 hours ago, Spectre01 said:

Unreal Tournament '99 had an absolutely killer soundtrack, especially all the fast and catchy electronica like the Hyperblast theme. Although I actually prefer the more symphonic redux version in UT2k4.

I was gonna say, "Literally almost the entire UT99 soundtrack." I think the only ones I don't particularly care for too much are SuperFist and Three Wheels Turning.


Unreal and Deus Ex are both great too, of course!

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Doom & Doom 2/Final Doom - Untitled, The Imp's Song, Hiding the Secrets, Waltz of the Demons, Donna to the Rescue, The Healer Stalks, Doom, In the Dark, Shawn's Got the Shotgun, Into Sandy's City, Message for the Arch-Vile, Sadistic, Smells Like Burning Corpse, Death's Bells, Into the Beast's Belly, The Dave D. Taylor Blues, AimShootKill.


PSX Doom & Doom 64 - Theme, The Broken Ones, Mutation, Hell's Churn, Lurkers, Beyond Fear, Lamentation, Vexation, Malignant, Infectious, End Level Stats, Lamentation of the Forgotten, Tortured Transmission, Voices in the Blood, Blood Red Shadows, The Rotted Foul.


Duke 3D - Grabbag, Stalker, Sneaky Snake, Space Storm, Aliens Say Your Prayers, Going After the Fat Commander, Gotham (lol really, it has a song called Gotham), Lord of L.A, Mission Impossible, Pissed Office Box, Preparation D, Departure.


Shadow Warrior Alpha/Prototypes/Shareware/Full Game (in this order) - SANAI, EXECUT11, HROSHMA6, INTRO131, KOTEC2, KOTOKI12, NIPPON34, TKYO2007, YOKOHA03; Morse Kodo, 254mm; Everybody Off, Attention, Leep's Prophecy, Nin-Nin Gets His, Shellac, Landwaster, Thunder Winds, Shadow Raver.


Blood - BLOOD7 (Alpha MIDI track), Unholy Voices, Dark Carnival, Double Double Toil & Trouble, The Lair of Shial, Ghost Town, The Sick Ward, Mall of the Dead, The Great Temple.


Half-Life - Adrenaline Horror, Alien Shock, Credits/End Game Theme, Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar, Drums and Riffs, Electric Guitar Ambiance, Klaxon Beat, Military Precision, Nuclear Mission Jam, Sirens in the Distance, Space Oceans.


Deus Ex - UNATCO, Battery Park, NYC Streets, Mission Eight, Hong Kong Streets, Paris Club 1 & 2, Deus Ex Ending 1 & 2, Conspiravision, Deus Ex Club Mix.


Unreal Gold - Flightcastle, Vortex Rikers, Chizra, Nali Chant, Nightvision, Surfacing, Isotoxin, Guardian, Warlord Theme, Interlude II, Star Seeker, Nagomi Passage (Day).


Unreal 2004 - Absolute Zero, Action 1, Assault, Atlantis, Chemical Burn, Collision Course, Conduit, Glacier, Hell, Hyperblast Redux, Jugs' Entrance, Infiltrate, Level 2-16, Pharaoh's Revenge, Rankin, Skaarj Assault, Slaughter Remix, Sniper Time.


Daikatana - Myth Epoch, Deep Decent, Long Journey, Grandeur, Titans, Plague Times, Ice Passage I & II, Horror Alone, Haunted and Terrifying, Hardcore, Rock the Rock, Gangland.


Quake & Mission Packs - Theme, Aftermath, It Is Raped, Life, Damnation, Focus, The Reaction; Track 03, Track 4, Track 5, Track 6; Track 2-6.


Quake 2 - Big Gun, Adrenaline Junkie, Stealth Frag, Counter Attack, Gravity Well, Quad Machine, The Underworld, March of the Stroggs, Kill Ratio, Operation Overlord, ETF.


Rise of the Triad - God Rest Ye Deadly Gentlemen, How'd I Do, You Suck, Watz Next, Goin' Down the Fast Way, Oww!, Smoke and Mirrors, Run like Smeg, Havana Smooth, Task Force, Adagio for Strings and Organ, I Choose the Stairs, CCCool, Excalibur, Suck This.


Heretic & Hexen - The Docks, The Dungeons, Guard Tower, Citadel, The Cathedral, The Crypts, The Graveyard, River of Fire; Theme, Guardian of Ice, Bright Crucible, Shadow Wood, Darkmere, Dungeons, Necropolis.


Wolf3D - Get Them Before They Get You, POW, Wolf Pack, Funk You.


System Shock 2 - Med-Sci 1, Engineering, Hydro, Ops 2.

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Most songs in ROTT 95. For the most part I prefer 95's soundtrack to the 2013 one. Chant is a lot better in the new one though. It's fucking awesome.


Heretic OST: Very memorable tunes and also very consistent soundtrack. If I had to pick one song it would be E1M5. It's high speed madness.

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i dont listen to videogame music, it makes girls think im weird.

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Posted (edited)

It'll be simpler to just list the games rather than individual tracks...

  • Blood
  • Doom, Doom II, Final Doom, Perdition's Gate/Hell to Pay, and many, many other mods.
  • Descent, Descent II

  • Duke Nukem 3D, including Duke Caribbean

  • Heretic
  • Hexen

  • Quake

  • Rise of the Triad

  • Unreal & UT


Now if we go beyond just the FPS genre, then let's add these other titles:

  • Civilization: Call to Power 2
  • Command & Conquer: The First Decade
  • Dune: Spice Opera
  • Dune II
  • Dune 2000 (it's basically more Command & Conquer)
  • Heroes of Might & Magic series (mostly HOMM3)
  • Jazz Jackrabbit series
  • Megarace
  • Monkey Island series
  • OMF 2097
  • Syndicate
  • TES Arena, TES Daggerfall
  • TFX (CD soundtrack)
  • Ultima series: especially Stones (U7), Ice Caverns (UW2) and Scintillus Academy (UW2)
  • Warcraft, Warcraft II

In case of ambiguity (Doom, Rise of the Triad, Syndicate, Unreal Tournament...), assume the 20th century titles.

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the whole entire rise of the triad soundtrack is amazing.its almost better than doom but not quite.

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Probably Nuclear Mission Jam from Half Life, the song by itself is just good and that, but maybe i love it because of WHEN i heard it.

I remember playing Half Life, getting the TAU cannon, this song playing, going to the hallways and then tearing both aliens and marines with my new toy, if that's not epic, i don't know what it is (tbh, as epic as being a theoretical physics graduate with a gun can be)

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15 hours ago, Gez said:

TES Arena, TES Daggerfall

The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall theme is epic imo, but i can't say anything about Arena because i stopped playing after the first dungeon because it was so boring and the mechanics were really dated

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