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Doom II - Hell Unleashed (Applications Open)

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Hello community! Back in February I started development on a gzdoom remake of Doom II. After 4 long months of modifying code, gaining 2 musicians and a sprite artist and learning zdoom features as I go, I've finally gotten a build ready. Work originally started on "The Gantlet" and "The Focus" and the current focus is Episode I.


We are seeking mappers who would like to help create the best version of Doom II possible.

Maps 2, 5, 6 and 7 and 8 are open at this time, although most of us on the team are pretty open about collabing on maps.


Hell Unleashed Features:

Over 50 new enemies

Otex Textures

Reloadable weapons

Re-worked Pistol to make it actually useful

Faster reaction speeds from enemies and revamped code on all beastiary

6 new keys: Green, Black, Silver, Orange, Brown, Pink


Gore-Processing Power (Not actually a real thing, just like Blast-Processing Power wasn't either)

HellUnleashed does what Re-Buildon't. (We actually like what RoastBeefo on zdoom.org is making, just felt it was a funny jab :))






More Screenshots @ https://facebook.com/HellunleashedD2


Development Discord Server:






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Looks cool so far. I'm kinda surprised this thread has been dormant so long time without any replies.

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