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Any New Wad Focused On Co-op?

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You know, Doom history with co-op is weird... Two of the earliest complete fan megawads, MM1 and MM2 were made with co-opin mind. Remember the infamous MAP31 from the first one? However, there hasn't been any more development of the genre in recent years to my knowledge, despite what would make more sense. But perhaps I'm just ignorant... So, any good stuff to play out with friends?

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I know this might not be what you are looking for but I have some



Swan fox 1


Swan fox 2



Hell after dreams 1

Hell after dreams 2


These are very good but I would mention resurrection of doom 2 but that wad is common I wouldn't play hell after dreams online because there is some bugs in the maps like some maps are unplayable online but with swan fox you are able to beat all the maps online but I don't know if this is what you are looking for but they are here if you want them

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