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I'll be attempting Doom GBA any% 100 times in under 23 hours on June 14th

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Last year on June 8th, I successfully achieved the world's first completion of an official Doom port, 100 times, in less then 24 hours.


Mathematically it was proven capable before it was attempted, and it was a success the first time.


Now, over 1 year will have passed quite soon.


On June 14th, at Midnight EST, I will attempt a new goal time for Under 23 hours in this master endurance category. Beating the previous record of 23:34:24.


My average time now reaches below 10 minutes and 30 seconds, statistically saving 30-40 seconds per attempt (Compared to last years final splits with an average of 11-12 minute completions). The time of 22:55 or less is projected over the 100 attempts currently, with a possibility of even being able to get into a lower 22 hour Territory.


The full attempt will be streamed live on twitch, under Alexo670. My previous attempt has been made fully available in a previous thread submission found here



 I hope to see some of the Doom community stopping by through out the day, and pray I don't go absolutely lucid when I reach the 70's. Last time, by the 99th run, I was seeing ghosts.. It was interesting to say the least. My bets on aliens this time... lol


This will be played on a real Nintendo Game Cube GBA Player, using a software called Game Boy Interface for playback. GBI allows for much better response time on inputs than the official Nintendo software. It also shows an input display for anyone watching. Breaks will be regulated to every 15 attempts (Average 3 hours) for 15 minute time spans, just like last time.

Wish me luck with 2,300 levels!


GBA Speedruns leaderboard

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Is it gonna be Doom 1 or Doom 2 GBA? If its Doom 2 GBA, I might be interested in joining....

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