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Chief Smokey

[GZDOOM] Deluge: Onset [WIP]

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As gameplay features continue to be refined there is more reason to be crystal clear with teaching the player about their abilities and what is required of them to progress. To this effect a whole new tutorial map has been created covering the basics of player abilities and early game combat. You'll also get another glimpse at the looming dread of Bacillus City.

Screenshot_Doom_20210423_035320.png Screenshot_Doom_20210423_035333.png


Screenshot_Doom_20210423_035351.png Screenshot_Doom_20210423_035415.png

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After several months of grueling development much progress on Deluge has been made, involving overhauls to major elements such as player abilities, monster AI, level design and many assets related to weapons and props.



Promoshot1.png Promoshot2.png


Promoshot3.png Promoshot4.png

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Very impressive, keep it up! Me and my friend can't wait to play your project!

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Posted (edited)

Deluge still remains personally one of my most-anticipated projects to see all finished. Thanks for filling us in with these latest updates, Smokey! It's looking utterly incredible and I still cannot wait to play it.

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With the layout and basic journey of each map now more or less finalized, it is now time to fine tune the visuals with an art pass to really bring out all the meaty details.

Screenshot_Doom_20210730_010348.png Screenshot_Doom_20210730_010632.png


Screenshot_Doom_20210730_010720.png Screenshot_Doom_20210730_010737.png


In other news, there has been much in the way of code overhauls. These range from performance optimizations (certain areas now have a framerate boost up to 50, and think times for actors are cut down across the board) to streamlining of weapon functions to new AI practically remade from scratch.


When this work is finished, the stage will be set to complete the planned monster roster and implement the last remaining major gameplay elements - in effect making the mod ready for the final polish phase where placeholder assets will be replaced.

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Work has been slow since the team has taken the summer off to work on their own projects, but things certainly aren't dead. Three more maps have received updated visuals (the last of which I can not share information about for the moment - it's something quite special). It is entirely possible that the current set of maps may be expanded from seven to a full episode of nine when the time comes.


Screenshot_Doom_20210904_195905.png Screenshot_Doom_20210904_200105.png


Screenshot_Doom_20210904_200222.png Screenshot_Doom_20210904_200240.png

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Well it's Halloween, and what better day to drop a new Update Showcase?



In other news, the Deluge Discord server is now open to the public. If you're interested in talking to the development team or getting sneak peeks at content not seen on the Doomworld page then hop in: https://discord.gg/gVKr8umQFU

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Mappers wanted!


Although there's been a lot of progress done by a single mapper (myself) over the current duration of development, the assistance of a second or third one is required to take Deluge into the next stage.


Requirements are a thorough knowledge of UDMF features including line and sector portals, 3D floors and importing/exporting wavefront .objs with UDB's relevant plugin - plus a capability to think outside the usual Doom-style level design conventions.


If you think you've got the skill for this join the discord server, make yourself known to the team and we'll audition you for the role.

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