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PSM: Multiplayer Madness!! Survival Sunday 8/30/2020

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THIS SUNDAY 8/30/2020 We will be hosting a survival event  on zdaemon, join us at 2pm EDT/ 8pm CEST  for the fun! Join us on the Multiplayer Doom Federation discord


Or find the pandemonium server on Zlauncher.


Original event info below


Pandemonium Speed Maps - Multiplayer Madness!!!

A two part event for the masses! We are now working with the Multiplayer Doom Federation to put a fun event together for the community to enjoy.

Come Join our Discord Channel on the MDF server https://discord.gg/YQyg4cf


Stage 1 - Death Match Mapping! Mappers Have 6 hours to build a Death match map designed for 8-10 players.

Start Date: 6-5-20

End Date:  6-15-20

The first stage we will have a panel of judges sort through the submissions and pick out their favorites. These top maps will then be placed into a pool for a Deathmatch tournament that anyone can join! Additionally we will be hosting a server with submitted maps for purposes of practice and play testing!

Stage 2 - Co-Op/Single Player! Mappers will be randomly assigned a death match map from the first pool of maps made to build into a SP/Co-Op level, max time allowed to spend 8 hrs

Start Date:  6-20-20
End Date:  6-29-20 8:00pm EDT

Stage 2 Timer: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20200629T20&p0=126&msg=Stage+2+Coop%2FSp+levels+Due&font=cursive
After the maps are completed for this section we will likely hand out some fun awards to the maps we found to be our favorites. We will also be holding a survival event on the final set of maps, again everyone will be welcome to join!

Rules & Other Info:
-Maps must be playable on Zandronum/Odamex/ZDaemon -  Vanilla/limit removing formats i believe will work in all of them .  Zdoom(hexan) format will also work in all of them. Boom has most features supported in all 3.

-After your timer is up and to a limited degree after the deadline, mappers can edit their wad for bug fixes, miss-aligns, Add/remove/modify things and make minor geometry changes as needed for purpose of map balancing.

-Custom Texture Pack: "5th Episode Texture Pack" by Nightmare + waterfall Textures GET IT HERE: nb5texd2+Wfall.zip
-Custom Skys are allowed
-Custom Music is allowed
-Map to be submitted in the submissions Channel on the Discord channel linked earlier and include the following info:
* Map Name: XXXXXX
* Map Author: XXXXX
* Custom Music: XXXXXXX
* Source Port Tested on:
* Custom Sky: XXXXX
* Misc Info From Author: XXXXX


Good article on Multiplayer Doom Mapping https://doomfederation.com/2019/11/22/making-multiplayer-maps/

If you can't use discord but still want to participate, you can post it here, but again for sake of simplicity if you can please join the discord and post it in the submissions channel :)


Man with Gun
Aletheos Eberlain

Late Night Person
Doom kid

Map Name - Original Author - New Mapper
Twisted Lab - RoeBloz- Late Night Person
Central Scrutinizer - BluePineapple72 - Aletheos Eberlain
Strafe Station - Aletheos Eberlain -JDC
Conclusion - Luca95 - Doom Kid
Demonic Moral - Man With Gun - UberGewei
Acid Asylum - Steve88 - BluePineapple72
UACPhobosBase - Oxyde - Man With Gun
Chaos Arena - Late Night Person - MargSabl
Splash Zone - BluePineapple72 - DukeNukem4Ever
Liquor Bar & Drunkard - Luca95 - Oxyde

Loading Docks - Steve88 - RoeBloz

Crime Processing - Steve88 - Pegleg

Edited by Steve88

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I love the idea of turning dm maps into sp maps; it's a criminally underused mapping trope. Best of luck to you with this.

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Deathmatch time baby!!!!


I've yet to ever make a multiplayer map, or ever play doom multiplayer. SO, this is gonna be a fun learning experience! Count me in!

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@aletheos eberlain i believe only zandro does, so i would avoid them, if you want to be safe you can map in vanilla or Boom those should work with all the ports. There is limited Zdoom(hexan) format in all 3 of the ports, but some have more features than others, ie 3d floors. If you want to try it in that format, be sure to test it in all three to be sure it works.

ZDoom (Hexan) format is supported by all 3 ports



Edited by Steve88

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39 minutes ago, Steve88 said:

@aletheos eberlain i believe only zandro does, so i would avoid them, if you want to be safe you can map in vanilla or Boom those should work with all the ports.


I don't even understand how to play the other two. Can't get the map to load... well, that was two hours wasted.

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Sounds fun and i'm sure it is! But I returned to work again and do not have enough time to say for sure whether I will participate or not.

Well, I hope that I can participate in any case, I still do speedmaps faster than my main projects, lol :D

I have some kinda experience in creating DM and COOP maps, but it is so small that I will probably make a off-topic map. (As it usually happens)

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The Multiplayer Doom Federation is really looking forward to seeing your submissions, and we're super excited to team with Steve on this session!!

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This was my first attempt, now abandoned, since two of the three sourceports don't support 3D-floors. I will test this idea one more time, with portals.

If that doesn't work, I'll have to think of something more... back to basics.




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Hey everyone, Bump for an update, I went ahead and added some of the plutonia waterfall textures to the texture pack, mainly for the waterfall.

I have added some waterfall textures (i decided it better to not use plutonia textures) If you used them my bad.
I have linked the updated file in the topic post.
Feel free to grab it if you want to use any of  those textures.

Excited to see what everyone creates :)

Edited by Steve88

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Just throwing this out there, willing to give a due date extension on stage 1 if anyone else is interested in making a DM map and needs some extra time.

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To accommodate a couple mappers, I have decided to extend the DM Map due date to 6/15/20 8pm EDT, updated event timer for the DM maps due date is in the topic Post. Hoping maybe a couple of you on the fence will join in :)

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Hey Everyone!

Stage 1 is complete
Come join us in testing the submissions on our test server
(Join the discord channel to for more info)


Signups for Stage 2 Start now

Everyone is welcome to enter Stage 2, even if you did not participate in stage 1. Signups will end 6/19 12:00pm EDT


Stage 2 Mapping will commence after the posting the mapping assignments on 6/20

To sign up for stage 2 please Leave a message here, PM me, or @Steve88 in the discord channel

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7 hours ago, Steve88 said:

Well thank you for playing the map! Here's some fun facts

-I did try the map with mouselook, however I didnt expect you to shoot the IoS from the platform (I mean its not that big of a deal, I'll just lower it)

-The misaligned texture is in fact there to show that there's a secret. (Tip: Run through one of the openings on the floor where the teleporter, well, teleports you to)

-The weird Imp and Spectres are in fact the Nightmare Imp and Nightmare Spectre both from the PSX port (Although the Nightmare Imp was scrapped and only reused in Doom 64). The Nightmare Spectre simply has more health than a Demon/Spectre, and the Nightmare Imp has that and goes faster.

-You're not the only one that finds the map difficult. I had the bad luck of having 5 Nightmare Spectres spawn on the top when I came back to get the switch and they literally devoured me.

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Apologies I should have posted here before, while I contacted Steve I should have also posted here to say that I'm unable to oblige a DM map. A little too optimistic I think is the term, I had never speedmapped before and only made 1 DM map before. Suffice to say I was in a bit of a sticky situation when the time limit expired, maybe having a third of a map at best. 


So I must apologise for a contribution I could not make.

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Here is my submission for phase 2. I submitted a few days ago in the discord, but I wanted the doomworld folks to get a taste too


Acrid Imrisonment.zip


- Map Name: Acrid Imprisonment

- Map Author: BluePineapple72 and Steve88

- Original Map: Acid Asylum by @Steve88

- Custom Music: Parhelion By James "Jimmy" Paddock

- Format: Hexen.

            Acid Asyulm was built in Doom 2 format; I changed the format to have access to more line functions.

- Source Port Tested: GZDoom

           (it should work in the other ports, I just haven't... tested those yet. So to be safe, it's compatible with GZDoom and maybe Zdaemon, Zandorum, etc...)

- Custom Sky: (Steve's pick. idk the name)

- Co-op: Not implemented yet

- Build time: 8 hours

- Misc Notes: Difficulties are loosely implemented. Some things change, some don't. I also think a certain secret telefrag is prone to not telefrag sometimes. If this is the case let me know please and I'll fix asap.


Super fun to build. Steve's base map was perfect to build something cool off of, and hopefully this worked out! Let me know how the map flows and plays! Unfortunately I had to block everything on the gates, so monsters wouldn't wake. You won't be able to shoot through them.


UV Max... if you dare!


Edit: Here is a short playthrough I recorded of the map:








I've taken the time to fix a few bugs, as well as changing a few secrets. Some item balancing as well. Nothing too major. The zip now contains the resource file

Edited by BluePineapple72 : VERSION 2

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Forgot to post this Here!
Play through of Pain Labs By: Late Night Person & Phobos Passage By: MargSabl

These Maps Were converted from a Death Match Map To a Co-oP/SP Level!



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