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1996 COMPET-N procedures

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In the old COMPET-N, wasn't there an unwritten rule that if a demo fit multiple categories, you still had to request an exception from AdamH, or it was only judged in one category because judging took soooo long?


I'm asking because, like a noob making their first dialup call, I went to E1M1 UV Speed and saw:


  1. E1M1-009
  2. E1M1B010
  3. E1M1-010
  4. E1M1-013
  5. E1M1-014
  6. E1M1-015
  7. E1M1-016


Current COMPET-N asserts that 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 are pacifist style.


DSDA 2 counters that 1, 2, 3, 7 are pacifist style.  DSDA 3 seems to agree, per entries with "DooM v1.9" and vintage filenames.


But I've watched them three times and they all look pacifist... what am I forgetting? (My meds?)


Thanks, and apologies if anyone feels old now.

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According to the about page, "in 1998, Pacifist and Tyson styles were included". Therefore runs submitted earlier than that couldn't have been (originally) submitted as pacifist at all. They turned into pacifist runs by resubmitting/repackaging/copying or by later analysis.


I browsed through a few zips in a file dump and for example, in e1m4-016 (dated 25 August 1998 in the speed dir) Adam Hegyi mentions "Oh yes... and this one is pacifist as well..." However, in the pacifist dir, the timestamp of p1m4-016 is 11 February 1999. Its txt now has "This is a COMPET-N speed entry played with pacifist style" added to the beginning. Many re-packaged pacifist runs have the same date. In fact, the only earlier timestamp in Doom's pacifist dir is p3m6-049 by Panter. Its files have date 29 August 1997, but the txt has a line "21.06.98  19:35  pm CET". Doom 2 pacifist dir has a few more 1997 files (all by Panter with txt timestamps referring to 1998-1999 - apparently incorrectly set computer clock when zipping/uploading) and then a mass conversion on 14 February 1999. Was that conversion and repackaging done by the admin or did the runners have to re-submit? In any case, it's very possible that some runs like e1m1-015 were missed back then.


So, that's a very likely reason why many pre-1999 runs were not submitted nor tagged as pacifist, and never had that done afterwards either. Quite possibly there was some delay too until runners started submitting new pacifist-style speed runs as pacifist, not only speed. If we now have some extra energy to fix the category tagging of old runs, why not. Of course, it's an interesting history lesson to see when the transition to pacifist submitting and retroactive conversion happened.

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Thank you for reminding me that the main archive added pacifist at a later date. There was even an announcement.


I'm not completely certain what I'm looking for... a post saying that tagging the backlog was too much work? (Everything about maintaining the site was a lot of work, and AdamH was always transparent about that.) I did check the old forums, but apparently they launched in 2001. Prior records seem inaccessible in the original pacifist database, so who knows how many of the older submissions were ever located and examined?

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