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Tempered Arms: A gameplay mod for Hexen [v1.5.1]

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A "Vanilla+" weapon mod for Hexen that that adds alt-fire attacks, hold/release functions, a few new graphics/sounds, and reworked animations.

No monsters have been modified, but projectiles from stalker boss and brown chaos serpent will inflict poison. The armaments of Hexen, but tempered!


Download: Tempered Arms v1.5.1


Requires GZDoom 4.4.0 or newer (Now ZScript only!)

Feedback, criticism and opinions are welcome!


Weapon Descriptions




-Hefty & Spike
    Melee damage taken reduced to half. Poison damage increased by 20%.

    Primary fire: Punches using left arm; a more powerful swing or sword stab/swing will commence after two successful jabs to a target.

    Altfire: Swings the sword with the right hand; after one successful hit to a target, either another swing or back swing will commence, followed by a thrusting stab if second hit was successful.


-Timon's Axe
    Primary fire: Swings the axe in one of three ways at random. Functions the same as vanilla, reverts to a weaker axe when out of mana.

    Altfire: Swings a heavy shield if tapped and will bash the target, knocking them back. Brings up the shield to block if held, and will swing away when released or time runs out, knocking any targets back.


-Hammer of Retribution
    Immune to quake damage; Fire damage taken reduced to half. Ice damage increased by 20%.

    Primary fire: Hammer attack at close range that does fire damage; target-seeking hammer at long range. Reverts to a simple hammer that does less damage when out of mana.

    Altfire: Slams the hammer onto the ground, causing a quake with explosions that surround the player. Can survive any fall if pressed while falling. Non damaging ground quake with no mana that stuns monsters.


    Primary fire: Swings the sword, causing everything in its range to die horribly. Punch attack with no mana; after one successful hit to target, each consecutive swing will be a strong attack until the button is no longer held.

    Altfire: Fires Quietus beams that search for monsters if fired far enough away. No mana attacks function like a regular sword.




-Mace of Contrition
    Primary fire: Swings mace in one of three directions. If Cleric lands 10 consecutive hits on a target without missing or stopping, a powerup will engage to do considerably more damage for 10 seconds.

    Altfire: Swings a small wooden shield if tapped and will bash the target, knocking them back. Brings up the shield to block if held, and will swing away when released or time runs out, knocking any targets back. Held state acts as if the cleric used an Icon of the Defender.


-Serpent Staff
    Poison damage taken reduced to half. Melee damage increased by 20%.

    Primary fire: Works the same as vanilla; Fires two projectiles and will leech health in melee range.

    Altfire: Spawns poisonous goop from the ground that explode on impact. Does not damage flying enemies unless they're low.


    Fire damage taken reduced to half. Ice damage increased by 20%.

    Primary fire: Normal flame attack.

    Altfire: Rains fire at close and medium range.


    Primary fire: Close range holy shock that can be held.

    Altfire: Shoots a holy blast if tapped, releases three holy spirits if half-charged, shoots holy blast that releases three holy spirits if fully charged.




-Sapphire Wand
    Primary fire: Normal wand attack.

    Altfire: Turns the wand around to charge when held, and thrusts forward with a close range magic attack, damage depends on charge time.


-Frost Shards
    Ice damage taken reduced to half. Fire damage increased by 20%.

    Primary fire: Normal Ice attack with left hand when tapped, shoots individual shards when held.

    Altfire: Breaks frozen targets with right hand, does ice damage to non frozen targets and instantly breaks them if damage is enough to cause freezing.


-Arc of Death
    Primary fire: Mages normal lightning attack.

    Altfire: Close range shock attack when held that does a face rake attack when released.


    Primary fire: Fires a laser beam of blood that will pass through targets and explodes when hitting a wall.

    Altfire: Releases one scourge ball if pressed, and three when charged. Will damage player in exchange for mana if not enough mana to fire.


Wads that this works well with:

Cyrgoth's Manor

Cyrgoth's Revenge


Shadows Of Cronos

Realms of Cronos

Scourge of Viscerus

4 Weeks of Pain


Mods that this works well with:

Hexen Rebalanced - Only the modified bosses is compatible




* 1.5.1 *
Added Nash's cblood:
Green blood for Korax and Daedolon/Menelkir
Purple blood for Heresiarch
Dark blood for dragon
No blood for bishop or fire bats
Unpowered Quietus shows axeblood splatter on contact
Shrubs and trees burned with Quietus have green flames
Quietus primary attack no longer splashes in water unless close enough for sword to touch
Raised height of mage's timebomb
Changed puzzle item pickup sounds to the unused weapon piece pickup sound
Updated tempered_arms_lights.pk3


* 1.5.0 *
Added silver ring to mage's left hand with frost shards
Added wall hit sound to Quietus primary fire
Lowered pitch of fighter punch grunt sound
Added fighter grunt to Quietus no-mana attacks
New wall hit sound for fighter jab and shield
Removed cleric mace powerup during low health


* 1.4.6 *
Shield invulnerability effect no longer adds invisible icon
Cleric mace gains powerup that does more damage for 10 seconds and heals for 3 points per hit if health falls below 35 or makes 10 consecutive attacks without missing or releasing fire button


* 1.4.5 *
Adjusted damage to actors with boss flag for all weapons to make bosses not die so fast
Hammer projectiles chase monsters
Quietus projectiles spawn homing projectiles on death that explode after a short time
Adjusted Quietus no mana altfire animation
Replaced Morph Ovum effects with Porkalator
Mana pickup radius and height match Doom's default (r20 h16)
Lightning altfire uses slightly less mana
Frost shards altfire thrusts monsters


* 1.4.0 *
Frost shard hold fire impact causes monsters to shatter
Mana pickup radius doubled
Hammer of retribution glows red
Added new decals to axe, hammer and bloodscourge
New brightmaps for most monsters
Changed SBarInfo to ZScript for weapon pieces


* 1.3.5 *
Shrubs and Xmas tree freeze with several frost shard attacks.
Fixed hammer offset issues with altfire
Hammer melee attack is stronger with mana, does fire damage and uses 1 mana per successful hit
Decreased axe damage with no mana, added one tic for downswings
Decreased shield damage for axe and mace
Serpent staff and firestorm alt attacks use noclip, can sequence-break some maps by damaging monsters on the other side of walls, but is used to ensure the attacks will work in tight spaces


* 1.3.1 *
Extened cleric flame distance
Reworked cleric fire rain
Fixed brightmaps not working
Fixed pitch issues with fire rain and plague spawner


* 1.3.0 *
Converted all decorate to zscript
Added inventory icons for all weapons
Added sbarinfo to show weapon pieces
Gave ice chunks more gravity and bounce
Added custom blood drops


* 1.2.4 *
Adjusted animations for fighter axe, hefty & spike and quietus attacks
Added decal to main quietus projectiles
Quietus attacks with no mana will stab after 3-4 hits instead of 5-6
New pickup sprite for axe & shield
Increased damage for frost missile and mage cone, reduced initial frost missile mana consumption to 2, halved rapid mana consumption
Adjusted mace animations

Added blood graphics to match custom axeblood

* 1.2.0 *
Adjusted mace animations and damage, now takes 4-6 swings to kill an ettin instead of 4
Fine tuned Serpent Staff altfire animation and damage, added custom sound effects
Adjusted Firestorm animation
Fixed the way Wraithverge takes mana


* 1.1.0 *
Separated dynamic lights to tempered_arms_lights.pk3
Added brightmaps to tempered_arms_lights.pk3
Removed Mace attack from Serpent Staff altfire and added a poison AoE
Changed wand charged sound to lightning ready sound
General asset cleanup to reduce file size
Added Mace swing and re-timed shield to mace swings


* 1.0.0 *
New animation for Frost Shards; main fire comes from left hand, alt fire comes from right hand
Frost Shards altfire breaks ice
New animation for Arc of Death altfire; does a face rake when button is released with thrust
Arc of Death smoke is translucent
Lighting now causes targets to bleed
Arc of Death and Wraithverge use small amount of mana for shock attacks even when not making contact with enemy
Raised Mana to 2 for Wraithverge shock attack
Cleaned up Wraithverge sprites
Adjusted animations for Timon's Axe
Flying hammer now has chance to seek targets, speed reverted to vanilla
Lowered Mana to 10 for Quietus
Mage wand charge adds new sound


* 0.8.0 *
Reworked Quietus, now works without mana
Increased Hammer melee refire speed
Added block mechanics to axe shield


* 0.7.7 *
Rebalanced damage and mana consumption for piece weapons
Bloodscourge altfire charges like Wraithverge, with sounds
Switched wraithverge fire and altfire attacks, and replaced primary with close range holy shock
Slowed Quietus fire rate by four tics
Reworked select and deselect animations
Reworked left axe swing graphics


* 0.7.1 *
Adjusted Bloodscourge and Quietus to better manage running out of mana
Quietus short range attack now always uses mana


* 0.7.0 *
Replaced mage's frost clone with a frost cloud
Mage's flechette has new animation
Bloodscourge main fire is a wand blast, and altfire is the normal Bloodscourge blast
Replaced Quietus close range attack with zscript
Fixed cutoff sprites from Quietus main attack due to texture lump discrepancy, so now only swings from the right hand
Quietus short range attack now only uses mana on contact with monsters


* 0.6.2 *
Added glow overlay to cleric's serpent staff altfire
Shortened Mace attack range to 128
Changed cleric's shield powerup to an inherited Icon of the Defender and replaced icon with TNT1A0 for compatibility with Icon of the Defender
Firestorm's altfire no longer splashes in water
Converted all sprites to paletted png


* 0.5.7 *
Redefined mage's weapons so they can be picked up instead of vanilla weapons
Shortened sword range for fighter
Cleric's shield now blocks if held, or bashes if tapped. Gives Icon of Defender perk while held
Frost Shards gives player half immunity to ice damage, but doubles damage taken from fire
Frost Shards altfire attack summons an ice clone of the mage, which draws enemy attacks until exploding, potentially freezing the enemies. Damages player if in range
Mage's Arc of Death altfire no longer siphons mana, and does more damage


* 0.5.1 *
Fixed how mana1 is taken from Timon's Axe



Hexercise:        le_L/Lioyd


Hexen Rebalanced:    ReaperAA


Additional Decorate code by Seidolon from:
HereticalDoom:        Ryuhi


Additional Sprites:        neoworm


Additional testing and advice: whirledtsar, Neccronixis, Whoah, FelesNoctis


Edited by Lippeth

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Too lazy to install Hexen just now but when I see the name Lippeth my brain says "yes"


added this to The List...

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4 hours ago, Vorpal said:

Too lazy to install Hexen just now but when I see the name Lippeth my brain says "yes"


added this to The List... 

Awesome, I hope you enjoy it!

2 hours ago, Doomenator said:

Too lazy to install another "unfinished" version of gzdoom for this mod. )

If by "unfinished" you mean in perpetual development, improvement and relevance, then awesome, I hope you enjoy it someday. (

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I started playing Dark Citadel with this mod and I gotta say, it makes Hexen a lot more enjoyable. From smoother animations to weapons being more interesting.


Highlights for me:

- Quietus acting like an enchanted sword, with the old attack being delegated to altfire.

- Hammer of Retribution's altfire dealing with those always annoying, shielded enemies!

- Firestorm having an actual Fire, storm as altfire, this was fun as hell to use.


Good job Lippeth! I do think what you can improve is:

- Make Bloodscourge's altfire more interesting besides just being a single shot rapidfire of the old fire.


That's it for now, this is fun. Also protip to slackers in here, by providing feedback you will help make the mod better.

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Updated with several new changes.


Bloodscourge's main attack shoots laser beams of blood, and will generate mana if too low, slightly damaging the player. Altfire is more or less vanilla, except the balls bounce more, and altfire needs to be held down or it only shoots one ball. Also makes disgusting sounds when firing.


Wraithverge's main and altfire's are switched and main fire is a melee shock attack. The single blast will now happen by tapping altfire rather than holding it.


A few other minor things are in the changelog.  Enjoy!

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Another year, another update!


I took a break for a while, but recently picked it back up and had some ideas to refine it even more. New features are in the changelog.



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'Nother update


I've replaced all the decorate code with ZScript which was a fun journey but ultimately yields an invisible end result. It was primarily decorate, with certain functions inheriting customized versions of ZScript's method for Hexen's attack angles and other features. So I thought I'd attempt to learn more about ZScript and convert the whole thing instead of using both, which was surprisingly successful. The only issue is that the mage won't hurt himself when recharging mana with the bloodscourge which I'm still working on. So out of twelve weapons with countless states and dozens of other actors and functions, not bad!Fixed for next update!


I'm sure there are cleaner ways to do some of it, which I will be constantly learning and updating, but I'm happy that everything works with no errors. I've also slightly buffed the mage's frost shards and made the ice chunks drop more quickly like their not loose feathers.


I hope you like both Hexen and GZDoom because that's the only way this mod can run *sweats*


Tempered Arms 1.3.0

Edited by Lippeth

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Yes, I'm still messing around with this and making updates. No I will never be finished because the point of it is to occupy my time and learn new concepts.


I've been kicking around ideas to make the Cleric's mace more interesting and formidable while also remembering that it's only the starter weapon, so I went with an automatic powerup based on the tome of power from Heretic.


If the cleric's health drops to 35 or lower, or if Cleric lands 10 consecutive hits on a target without missing or stopping, a powerup will engage to do considerably more damage for 10 seconds, with an activation sound, a different looking puff sprite, and powerup icon to let you know what's happening. It uses the sister weapon method and because there are so many animation variations it may skip a frame here and there while transitioning from the powered version to the regular weapon.


Tempered Arms 1.4.6

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a tweaker mod like wayfarer's tome is for heretic? good idea, should make hexen's gameplay less grindy.

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Updated to 1.5.0!


Mainly minor additions that I've been meaning to get around to:

Added silver ring to mage's left hand with frost shards
Added wall hit sound to Quietus primary fire
Lowered pitch of fighter punch grunt sound
Added fighter grunt to Quietus no-mana attacks
New wall hit sound for fighter jab and shield
Removed cleric mace powerup during low health (it occasionally broke and I'm not smart enough to fix it apparently)

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I just tried this out, cheating my way straight to the maps with lots of enemies (Nave, H's Seminary and Castle of Grief) and the NRA command to get instant maps of lots of enemies, and I have to say that this is great! The alt-fire modes all seem logical for the classes and gameplay, and fit right into the world that Hexen has always inhabited. My favourite new thing is definitely the very visceral punch attack with the shield from the fighter, where two thrusts can take out an Ettin. It took me a moment to realise why my single-tap fighting style for the Cleric and Mage's ultimate weapons were so weak (they need to be charged for extra oomph), and I can't wait to play both vanilla Hexen/Deathkings, or the excellent Realms of Cronos that I discovered this year that just uses the standard weapon system.


My other favourite change would have to be that the Ice-Shard weapon is now rapid-fire. This weapon finally feels like a decent weapon to rely on - most people never really liked it in it's cumbersome standard form.

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Glad you're enjoying it, maulosiarch!


Most weapons have both tap and hold functions and a few will behave differently depending on how long they're held and when they're released.


Some of my favorite wads that also work well with this mod are Seidolon's Cyrgoth trilogy, and I can't recommend them enough.


I'm glad you liked Realms of Cronos as well, I actually did the music for that project and really enjoy the maps they did.


A few things I'm planning for the next release:


Adding Nash's cblood with green blood for Korax and Daedolon/Menelkir, purple blood for the Heresiarch, dark blood for the dragon, and no blood for the bishop and fire bats. It's all really subtle but helps sell the whole vibe.


Adding an extra file that adds a chapter select screen for Hexen and Deathkings, while being able to fairly quickly find the weapons and weapon pieces you would've gotten from previous episodes. Because this includes modified map data for hub levels, I'm unsure if I'm legally allowed to distribute this, so I plan to do a bit of research first. If anyone has some insight on the topic I'd love to hear it. It's all too easy to do but impossible to find online, which leads me to believe that it's simply not allowed. After a bit of research I've found that it's a resounding grey area, so I'm going to treat it as I do with any other resource as to not arbitrarily pick and choose what assets are okay and not okay to modify.


A few other minor fixes and features, giving the unpowered Quietus the axeblood splatter on contact, raising the height of the mage timebomb, changing puzzle item pickup sounds to the unused (afaik) weapon piece pickup sound because I don't know how many times I've picked up a puzzle item without realizing it because the normal pickup sound is so unobtrusive.

Edited by Lippeth

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