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LIGHTPATH (updated) - a huge and heavily detailed boom map (OTEX/65k+ linedefs)

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On 12/19/2020 at 5:49 PM, Doom fan said:

Is there only this 1 level in this wad?


At this stage there is only 1 level in this wad. In the future I plan to expand it with few more levels and I'm slowly working on something that will join Lightpath as another map. Lightpath will also receive a few minor tweaks and fixes. I hope to be able to show some screens of the next map in a few weeks but I don't expect to finish it before next spring. As a small teaser I can say that it will contain a really cool pentagram:)


On 12/19/2020 at 6:10 PM, SilverMiner said:

115 megabytes for a single map? You're monster, man!


Size of the file could be reduced as currently whole OTEX texture pack is included. It could be optimized by including only textures that are used in the map but I decided not to do such optimizations until I'm finally done with the wad.

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9 hours ago, Doom fan said:

Will it be great to expect something like a sunder wad?


I still haven't decied about the final size of the wad but I rather won't be going for a megawad with maps of current size and level of details as this would require over a decade of hard work. At this point I think about making something like 10 maps at maximum. I have some ideas for two or three more large maps, each with thousands of monsters and taking several hours to complete. I also consider making a few smaller maps.


9 hours ago, Adamast0r said:

Awesome map. Those Sunlust and Sunder influences worked out great.


I'm glad to hear that! That may sound funny but I could say that the name of the map was also somewhat influenced by Sunlust and Sunder as my process of thinking about the name for the map was something like this:

- Sunlust and Sunder both have 'Sun' in them. As we well know, the Sun produces LIGHT.
- I started to think about the name after finishing the first area with a PATH of orange lights leading to a teleporter.

- After a while the name LIGHTPATH came to my mind:)

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Posted (edited)

This is quite a bump but I'm glad that I got to play this.  Thank you MaishyN for appearing in my stream as I went through it!  I feel bad for ragging on it at times for some of the bits that became a bit grindy but I understand there were better ways to handle some of those scenarios after the fact.  Other fights flowed quite well and I had no issue with them, while the final fight was a epic way to close things out.  There was certainly a lot of effort put into the look and feel of the map and it shows.

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I recently got around to playing this too, on HMP (probably the same time Vile did). Incredibly detailed and spacious, and most of the setpieces were really fun. The final arena is awesome...I just wish it ran 10 frames faster. haha

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