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Damp Shithole (Vanilla)

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This looks nice, but why is it called "Damp Shithole?"

I don't think many people would click on "Damp Shithole"

It just sounds kinda gross, no offense tho.


The map, however is the opposite of a damp shithole, you did an excellent job on the design and detail!

I love the map!

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Well, this is far beyond my pedigree. I gave up at the red key point though, it's just way too hard for me. Really well made map though, mate. Far deserving of a better name though.

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Just played this (BD + UV). Quite a challenge. Had to resort to saving to get past the archies. Excellent waste of half an hour :-).


Good balance of gameplay once I got the hang of the difficulty ramping. Sometimes, getting killed in a level means I don't want to play through - this one I did. Nice.

Made my poor little NUC struggle a bit in the big areas. I'll probably have another crack on my decent box. 




The zen of carnage...

Edited by smeghammer : remote image URLs

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The word 'shit' is nothing new to wad names and I find it kinda humorous. If you look on /idgames you find other shitwads, everything from Deepshit to Deimos Shityard... haha.


If he did want to change it, I'd suggest Damp Carnage or something.


Anyhow fun map. I like the layout from what I played. I was careless and a imp fireball finished me off and I had to go make breakfast. Will play the rest later.


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