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Hey got any good doom 1 or 2 gameplay mods?


I already have a good list of mods but would not mind more


I do already have brutal doom and project brutality


a full list of my mods(its long):

brutal wolfenstien

eriguns 1 and 2




treasure tech



colorfulll hell


final doomer

high noon drifter






combined arms

project brutality

brutal doom


beautiful doom

gun caster


complex doom


blade of agony

brutal doom 64


this is also a good list of doom mods.


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I stand by my statement: you still can't go wrong with it.






...alright, fine, here's ModOhFun: it's still somewhat silly, but with more thought towards actual gameplay and general fun.

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looks interesting


I thought I recognized the name.


I'v been tricked,but it's a very fun mod.

Edited by creapercat : I've realized

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I suggest to new users to do a Forum Search next time, it helps the forum look less cloagged with "any good mods?" threads.

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Times change. New mods are being made every day and the old ones are getting new updates. What's the problem?

@creapercat try Supercharge.


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5 hours ago, Deⓧiaz said:

I suggest to start ban people for making the. same. typethread. withoutsearchingfirst.


Sure, you can throw that in the "bad suggestions bin" and wait for it to be acceptedn't.



I thoroughly suggest two mods.






I think the second is just compatible for Zandronum 3.0, but it still is incredibly good!

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I have a folder with mods but i haven't updated them in months so mine are probably old but here are a few that i have that you might like:

- Smooth Doom

- Doom Delta

- Shades of Doom 

Terrestrial Weapons Beta 5: Up Your Arsenal! - weapons mod; works fine with/without freelook

- Weasels Mixed Tape Vol.3 - weapon mod; can't remember if it's good or not tbh but i'll post it anyways

- PowerGun.wad - simple yet effective weapon mod; works fine with/without freelook


There is a SuperPowerGuns.wad that you can search for too somewhere. I think it's on Doomkids website, Doomshack.org.


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Russian Overkill is great for when you want to blow shit up.


Sumwunn's fork/continuation of Kyle873's DoomRPG mod is great too, although apparently he's putting that version on the shelf in favor of entirely rewriting it into ZScript (since the original is pure ACS).

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