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54 minutes ago, Pełzająca Część Twarzy said:

I must say that you very resourceful and you deal with most area very well. 


Oh, I thought resoureful meant that I manage resources well... Anyway, good to know. Thanks) 

You may also check out my Advent map if you want some challenge) 


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This is a map i wish i had the patience to finish, because while it looks pretty and there's clearly a lot of thought and effort put into it, it's too frustrating for me.

For context i was playing on UV and i agree with what plums said on the topic of fights being easier the second time around, but again i don't have the patience to repeat the same encounters several times throughout a whole map (especially when, with the cyberdemon fight at the start-ish specifically, i could only beat him using the super shotgun, didn't want to bother dodging however many mancubi there were in there to get them to infight) as manageable as they were after getting some familiarity.

Now here's something i don't see anyone bringing up: i think you could save a lot of people's temper and enjoyability, while still keeping the map difficult and challenging, simply by giving players some more time to react upon first time with encounters (instead of giving them a few seconds to not get cornered in a corridor of death).

With that in mind i thought some of the ambushes were really fun, clever and surprisingly fair (such as the chaingun circle ambush, which genuinely jumpscared me, though i had enough health to survive just fine), the general atmosphere was great and some of the encounters were amazing and super fun! I hope more people have/find the patience to play this one to completion.

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