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Complex Doom

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Hi guys, I send a video on Youtube of a gameplay from Complex Doom, can you give me a pass to leave your comment I series eternally grateful: 3


PS: Sorry for my English


Vídeo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBGBwCQNcsk&t=54s

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Complex Doom and the whole CF vs LSD drama are quite the rabbit hole. Some good and much bad has ultimately come out of it, but I think Complex itself was a simple yet solid concept. I second Bryan's suggestion above here, Pandemonia is a more polished and streamlined experience kept up to date much more reliably. Definitely worth a look if Complex is something you are into. Ultimately, play what makes you happy.

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I like the set of Complex Doom + LCA, but LSD and CF are excessive.

Do not pay attention to Decay, his "sarcasm" is intended to add to the facepalm collection. :)

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