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Frantic - A Hectic-Style Map

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Frantic was inspired by one of the most infamous levels in Doom history, Doom 64 MAP32 “Hectic”, known for its extreme difficulty despite how short it is. My goal with Frantic was to create a new “Hectic” for Doom players who are looking for a new and unique challenge. Frantic is a Doom II level that consists of three very difficult challenge rooms designed for Doom players who want to put their skills to the test.


This map was made for GZDoom and is meant to be played with no freelook, crouching, or jumping. Demons and items are the same on all difficulties. Record your attempts and share them in the comments and I will create a leaderboard for people who complete the map in the fastest time!


Rules for Leaderboard:


- Must be played on Ultra-Violence

- Saves are allowed in the main room ONLY

- Attempts will be based on overall time, not the in-game timer

- Crouching and jumping are not allowed



1. Soulless 2:14






File Link:





Frantic 2.png

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Theres my run, Its on UV, but since I restarted the recording several times, I forgot to show it on the video, but who plays lower than UV around? anyway,

Is a short, cruel challenge, I like it a lot, even though It would be great that you could go for the 100%, included that fancy Cyberdude, but I guess isnt the point of the challenge. 



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