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Trying to make a good looking castle


I just am trying to make a map. The thing is, I know the mechanical aspects to map building, I don't really need instruction on that. I just can't leverage any of that knowledge to make something that doesn't look like ass. 


My current goal is to make an outside area that has the entrance to a castle in front of it. I want it to look good, so I can't make the sky texture be obviously next to the wall. I tried finding some WADs where they did similar things, and I tried to copy it. Not because I like ripping from others, but as a sort of learning experience so I could see how they did it and eventually be able to understand the ways they use the different map geometry elements to make something that looks good.


But even then! I couldn't even manage to copy. I looked at it in the 3d view of SLADE while I worked on my own map in Ultimate Doom Builder, but I couldn't figure out which sector went to what, which lines were one sided, anything. I could see how everything they did actually worked, but I couldn't manage to retain any of the information at all when I tried to recreate it. Even when I tried to go changing 1 sector at a time. I'm going to attach what is currently my best effort at making a castle-like thing. Please forgive the texture choice, I know it looks kind of garish: This is just to get the geometry down before I go looking at how to make it pretty to look at.


All in all, I would appreciate it if a few of you would please download this WAD, look at it a little bit, and then provide some criticism as to what I can do to make it better.



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The marble wall seems good to me. I might use white marble wall to make intricacies of design more apparent.

I assume your main problem is the STARTAN wall behind the mountain. This can be solved by lowering ceiling behind the mountains (Or perhaps even that above highest mountain into the floor to make it invisible.


Edit: Nevermind, visual mode confused me because you applied upper texture. Anyway, I think your castle looks good and so is terrain outside.

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