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(32x) Preview of something I'm working on

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Obviously it's far from being complete, but I think I'm getting somewhere with this here.





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9 minutes ago, InDOOMnesia said:

WolfenDOOM: 32X Edition? ;)

Ya' bet ;)

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Aww man, limitations had to come in again. Due to static limits I had to cut some areas in the secret level sadly...I will try to have the other maps be as accurate as possible but I can't promise anything. Heres a comparison of the two maps now (Old is on top and new one bottom)



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Oh! So this is the WolfenDOOM 32X! since the name has already been used, have you thought about changing it to something else? It looks really awesome! any DOOM WAD or Mod that has Wolfenstein to do with it, is amazing!

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