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Ishreal V3 - An indevelopment WAD

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This is version 3 of the first map Ishreal. (Other Maps in development)


Doom 2

GZDOOM (Haven't tested with other source ports.)

Based On DOOM 2


3.2.0: Download


  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Added a custom soundtrack based on midi compisitions of the Yu Gi Oh soundtrack
  • Added a MAPINFO file.
  • Minor Balance issues
  • Minor Fixes




Edited by That_Gay_Kid : Update from 3.0 to 3.1.0

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This must be the most "okay" map I ever played.

There are no glaring issues, it's mildly fun all along. Some moments were fun, some were not so much. It's interesting how the main hub (with the 3 doors) becomes the final stage, I really liked that idea. The room with the caged imps were just not fun though.

You got the basics down, now it would be time to add some spice to it.

I'm excited to see what you make next!


EDIT: You make your map for GZDoom, but you use almost none of its features. Your map could have been made for Chocolate Doom easily.


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