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My 2nd doom map!!!

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Posted (edited)

I learned alot from you guys, thank you.

here is the story of this map:

You got trapped in hell, you walked around for a bit and you found a uac tech base, your dumb brain though "Hey! Maybe there are people inside that base!!" So you walked to the base and the demon guards kidnapped you from behind, then you wake up tied up, you managed to untie yourself, now its time to kill all of them.


Almost the same story as UACCO.wad but yeah.

Doom: Doom 2 (Hexen Format)

Freelook : Yes

Jumping : No

Crouching : No

Source ports tested on | Zandronum, LZDoom, and GZDoom.

Levels | 1 (replaces doom map01)


REWORK :rework.zip (fixed version)





Edited by MowEmDown

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6 hours ago, Zolgia108 said:



Alright, so i fixed all the problems ( i think ) i also added a new room to make it feel newer.


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Fairly simplistic with an almost corridor-like progression. There's very little, if any, sprawling map design, meaning you just go in 1 direction. Linearity is fine but doing it excessively makes the map feel bland and way too easy.


Also, the first 1/3 or so of the map seems to be a bit lacking in the health item department.


Final point, the texture progression here is part hell, part urban and part tech-base with little cohesion throughout. Add flats as walls and walls as flats and the texture usage here really needs cleaning up. (Don't get me wrong, you CAN use flats as a wall texture and vice versa for modern engines when it's done right but when it's obvious, it sticks out a lot).


Overall an okay map.

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An enjoyable 10 minute experience, especially for a second map. I played on UV and was able to get all enemies and items on the first pass (missed on secret). Health was a little sparce at first, but that was my fault getting hit by a shotgunner off the bat and having to deal with 40% until halfway through the map. After that there was plenty of health ammo and weapons, so I never really felt like I was in danger. 


I liked some of the details like the jutting out corners on the hallways and the red carpet. I may suggest playing with lighting in areas. You have some bright light textures, but most of the level is the same brightness, even outside. Overall I liked it, so keep it up. 

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Posted (edited)
27 minutes ago, MowEmDown said:

Thanks guys, i want to improve more in the future.

the most important thing is to be humble and to accept advices, both from players and from mappers, you are doing this quite well. And another thing: you will see that there are many types of players out there so you will hear discordant advices in the future (for example: some will feel that maps are too easy and some that they are too hard) so you will need to search for a personal approach and accept the fact that nobody can ever please everyone :)

I m looking forward to play your next work m8!

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Just played this, on UV with GZDoom. Quite fun. I liked the progression of difficulty as you get further along. I did notice an unpegged doortrak - just looks slightly odd having the doorframe slide up with the door... I agree with the comments above about lighting - it makes a huge difference. Check out some of the lighting I did in my **SHAMELESS PLUG!** Hellbreach work in progress. 

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