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How to boot up brutal doom on Zandronum?

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About a week ago I downloaded brutal doom, it had a .rar extension , and was from the official Moddb page, but I wasn't able to boot it up, is there anyway to open it in zandronum? I use macs by the way.

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Get a .rar extracter (such as winrar) and extract the file. Then run it with Zandronum.

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On 6/26/2020 at 3:33 AM, Goopymonster said:

@Zillah Can you give me an indefinitely safe link to a 64 bit version of win rar?


Well, there are huge loads of download sites - and many add some additional installer with ads, including malware adware that will install on your system as well, but only shows in resource manager, and as unnamed popup ad's... Though well known sites are unlikely to do this. However the most trustworthy place to download software is from it's creators site - I hear 7-zip is better and supports wider array of compression methods, including LZMA based (lzma,7z,lzip) which have amazing compression ratio, but will take an insane time at highest compression level (and the highest levels have minimal return in comparison to one before them, but massive difference in time.


But always from the official site, unless there's a reason to download from somewhere else, like Ninite.com - The site put's together a multi-application install or update program after you select the applications to include. Their installers are downloaded by ninite executable from official sources and automatically installed without asking a question. It's what we use at my work, repurposing computers, when we rarely install Win10 we download a readily available Ninite executable that has the applications we want selected and run it. There's FireFox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Flash player browser plugin and much much more. Good for repeat installation of multiple applications. On Linux (Mint or Ubuntu) we just copy-paste a looong 'sudo apt....' command to terminal (from our intranet installation guides, there are links for applications and code-boxes to be copied into terminal.

...but I digress... Never mind.

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