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Which add-on combinations would you recommend?

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Not naming everything I load, just some add-ons that work well when combined with the wad. Maybe I'll share some more ideas in the future.


For Anything Compatible

Steve Flashlight

Vanilla Essence




Nash Gore

Some Custom Dynamic Lights

Sprite Shadow


Doom 4 Vanilla

Japanese Community Project


Dark Universe


Scythe 2

HD Plutonia Skybox Textures

HDTP Alterations


Project Brutality 3

Crimson Assault SFX

AVGN Taunts

Isabelle Companion

Target Spy


Dark Universe

Congestion 1024




Shades Of Doom 3.0 (I'm making an alien edit for it)



Ancient Aliens

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I highly, highly, recommend Smooth Doom and Vanilla Essence of course. And recently I am also mostly playing with Jovian Palette.


But what I am also using with EVERY WAD out there is Tilt++, which adds Quake style tilt to Doom and I really, really like that. Makes movement feel less rigid. Is highly customizable when it comes to bob and tilt amounts, etc.

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Really great compilation. Whenever a play Doom vanilla or modded, I always use this:  Simple HUD Addon A small HUD addon that improves the quality of life in gameplay greatly. It works wonders and so far I haven't found any compatability problems.


And yes, Smooth Doom is, along Beautiful Doom, the best ''vanilla enhanced mod'' there is, at least for me.

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Posted (edited)

3 new addon mixture suggestions


If you want to easily spookify a map

Dark Textures Pack - Low Resolution - 0.2 addon

Fog Effects Addon (e.g. with the dark preset)

Steve Flashlight

Doom Ambient Pack v1.2


JovPal - Jovian Palette OR ColdPal - A new palette for Doom/Doom2

Hell On Earth / Alien Vendetta / Disjunction / Reverie / Akeldama


Overcome your prejudice and try this funny mod, it doesn't affect the Doom 2 gameplay

Stardate 20X7



Brutal Friends (to make playing Stardate easier)


La Tailor Girl

Alien Bastards


Project Kate


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